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Entree, Swordfish
Fresh Lemon-Basil Swordfish Servings: 2
Estimated cooking time: Posted By: Web Dev

Place Fish On Rack Coated With Cooking Spray; Place Rack in A Shallow Roasting Pan. Combine Garlic, 1 1/2 t. Lemon Juice & Oil. Brush Fish With Half Of Mixture. Sprinkle With 1/8 t. Basil. Broil 6 Inches From Heat 4 Min. Turn Fish; Brush With Remaining Lemon Juice Mixture & Sprinkle With Remaining 1/8 t. Basil. Broil An Additonal 3 Min. OR Until Fish Flakes Easily When Tested With A Fork. Set Aside & Keep Warm. Arrange Carrot Strips in A Vegetable Steamer Over Boiling Water. Cover & Steam 3 Min. Add Radishes; Steam An Additional 2 Min.Add Snow Peas, Stean An Additional 30 Sec. Place Vebetables in A Bowl. Add 1 1/2 t. Lemon Juice & Pepper, Tossing Gently. Serve With Fish. About 186 Cal. Per 3 Oz. Fish & 1 C. Vegetables. (Fat 6.4, Chol. 44.)

This Recipe was posted on: Aug 30, 2002
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