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Entree, Fluke
Mesquite Smoked Fluke (Without a Smoker) Servings:
Estimated cooking time: 1 Hour Posted By: fretlessfishrmn

-Spray Pam on a Special BarBQ fish/vegetable tray.  Place the fillets on the tray.
-Soak Mesquite Wood Chunks in Water.
Wrap the wood in Foil.  (You may poke a couple of holes).
-Pre-heat only ONE side of a TWO burner BarBQ.  (You MUST have a lid for the cooker)
-Place the Wood Chunks on the hot coals.
When the wood starts smoking, place the tray (with your fillets) ON THE UNHEATED SIDE OF THE BARBQ.  Close the lid and let the SMOKE COOK THE FISH! Do NOT keep the flame on HIGH!
-Your meal will be done in about an hour.  The meat WILL NOT LOOK COOKED!  Check the texture and taste in order to decide if your meal is ready.
-My kids say the meat tastes like it's been soaked in bacon!  Hope you enjoy it!!

This Recipe was posted on: Jan 09, 2008
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