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Entree, Shellfish
CHA CHA MUSSELS! Servings: 4
Estimated cooking time: 15 minutes Posted By: Sportfishingusa

Get 2lbs of PEI Mussels.  Clean and degross(take off all excess growth). SCrub them in the sink with a vegetable brush.  In a large skillet add a small amount of olive oil and add some garlic> sautee the garlic until translucent. Add some onions also and 1 chili pepper of choice. let this sautee for several minutes.  Add 2lbs of cleaned mussells.  Take one or 2 bottles whichever you prefer of Modela Negro beer.  Add one small shot of white tequila of your choice.  I prefer cabo wabo!  Cover and let good on high for a good 15 minutes or so..

In another large pot start your sauce.  Either red of white your choice.

Red -  I use out of the bottle. Any kind will do.  Add your own extra for special flavor!

White -  Add some more garlic, onions, Salt and pepper and also add some lemon.  Then you can add some white wine in a decent amount and cover. let simmer and reduce for a while until it reduces some.

Take out the mussels once all cooked and opened and strain them out.  Then you add them to a large bowl and cover in the sauce from the large pot!

Open another Modelo and enjoy!!!

This Recipe was posted on: Jan 07, 2008
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