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Entree, Sea Bass
Easy Whole Cooked Sea Bass

Estimated cooking time: about 16 minutes
Posted By: jayray

A guy I met on a Sea Bass trip this summer on the Super Hawk out of Point Lookout showed me how to rip the throat out of a Sea Bass with your hands.  Just separate the throat from the body, then stick your thumb in and rip outward.  It takes the guts out with it.  Then you can season and cook whole on the grill.  The skin peels right back and you get to scoop out all the meat with a fork (doesn't waste any meat like when they make those tiny fillets).  In the picture, you can see what part I ripped out.  Just be careful for bones!

To season: sprinkle with extra virgin olive oil, ms. dash chipotle seasoning or Lowery's seasoning salt, stuff butter and basil in the open gullet.  Top with slices of fresh lime.  Grill 7 to 8 minutes each side.  Very tasty.

This Recipe was posted on: Oct 02, 2007
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