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Entree, Other
Herring Sashimi Servings: 1
Estimated cooking time: 10 Posted By: harryfaoki

There are few steps to prepare the fish. First of all, as soon as you catch the herring, get rid of gill and break the neck and put it to saltwater for 5 minuites.That will release thier blood and make them delay the time from rigor mortis.  Make sure blood released properly. That means you can maintain thier flesh without stinky smell. Then, put them into cooler with iced saltwater.

When you got home, get rid of scales and gut and clean them by running cold water. Make sure fish is not slippy.
Then, make them fillet. Get rid of all the thick bones and skin.

Cut them into pieces. Each piece should be 1/8". You should feel you are cutting thin bones, but it's OK to do that. Make sure those tiny piece of meat are prepared.

Now, put them into a bowl. Put grinded ginger, scarion. Mix them through out the bowl. Then put 1 tbs of Kikkoman soy sauce. Make sure the soy sauce is fresh. Mix it again.

That's it. Eat with white rice.

This Recipe was posted on: Dec 29, 2006
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