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Mad Mikeys Fish Stew Servings:
Estimated cooking time: Posted By: ShinShin69

Ok heres a good one , it takes a while but well worth it .

Mad mikeys long Island fish stew

Stock recipie

Fish Bones -Striper or fluke or cod ,White fish only
2 Onions washed and chopped (skin on )
3 Carrots-washed and chopped (skin on)
4 Celerly stalks washed and chopped (leaves on)
6 Bay leaves
2 tbsn Whole pepper corns
1 can whole plum tomatoes

In a stock pot put bones, veggies and Canned tomatoes in ,with the spices.Cover with water . put on med high and cover , cook for 2 hours or until a little more than half in gone , strain and cool .Freeze any leftover stock ,i freeze it in cubes then put in frezzer bags .so oyu can take out what you need

Mad Mikeys Fish Stew

Serves 6

5 lbs Fresh fish cut in large cubes(Blacks , cod ,stripers)no salmon
3 lbs Mussels
6 large Red Potatos -Cut in med dice
2 large White Onions Med Dice
4 Carrots - med dice
4 Celery- med dice
2 Green Peppers -Large dice
3 Cloves Garlic -sliced
3/4 cups Olive oil
3 Cups Red Wine
3 Tbsn tomato paste
3 bay leaves
1/2 Head Flat Leaf parsely choped fine
3 tbsn itailain seasoning
1 tbsn Black ground pepper
salt to taste
5 cups fish stock

In a large stock or soup pot heat the olive oil, wehn hot cook the garlic until it browns , when brown add the other vegies except potatos.stir the vegiies right away this wil stop the garlic from burning.when the veggies are soft add the wine . cook the wine down to half then add the fish stock, potatos , tomato paste , itailian seasoning, pepperand bay leaves . cook until potatoes begin to soften ,then add the fish , mussels , parsely . turn down to low and cover ,cook for 10 mins .serve with some good bread , you can also add clams shrimp scallops....

This Recipe was posted on: Dec 09, 2006
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