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Entree, Striped Bass
Grilled Cajun Striped Bass/Bluefish Servings:
Estimated cooking time: Posted By: SeaLion

Fresh Striped Bass or Bluefish Filets
Cajun Seasoning (Emeril’s Original Essence
or Paul Prushomme’s Blackened Redfish Magic or Other…)
Fresh Limes

Melt Butter in Small Sauce Pot, Bring Over to Grill When Ready
  (add some Crushed Garlic if You Like)
Fire up the Grill
Place Large Grill Plate (The One With Holes) on Hot Grill & Spray/Brush with Oil
Let Grill Plate Get Hot
Completely Dip Filets in Butter & Place on Grill Plate, Dark Side Down
Liberally Sprinkle Cajun Seasoning on Filets
Grill Until Underside Forms a Sweet Crust
Finish with Fresh Squeezed Lime Over Filets
Serve Hot with Rice & Vegetables (Baked Potato, Asparagus…)

This Recipe was posted on: Sep 01, 2006
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