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Entree, Sea Bass
Delicious Steamed Sea Bass Servings:
Estimated cooking time: 20 minutes Posted By: fretlessfishrmn

Pour a good white wine into a large/tall pot, until the liquid is just under the folding steamer tray.  
Add capers, fresh garlic cloves and scallions, onion/garlic powder and some lemon juce.
Place gutted and scaled Sea Bass on top of the tray.
Leave the heads on!
Cover the pot and steam 15- 20 minutes until done.
Add some extra time if you have lots of bass or a very large bass in there.  Taste a piece to make sure everyone is fully cooked in there!
Warning: Expect to moan and groan in pleasure while eating this dish!!!!!


This Recipe was posted on: Nov 23, 2005
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