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Entree, Swordfish
balsamic marinated swordfish w/ sautaed spinache Servings: 4
Estimated cooking time: 25 minutes Posted By: Danny51

Grilled, marinated swordfish over spinach  

My family loves this dish, the directions seem long but its pretty simple but a little hard to explain. i never had an exact recipe I kinda whipped it up so those amounts are estimates after doing it a few times you can experiment to your likings.-enjoy
-2 lbs swordfish fillets
olive oil[ regular and extra virgin]
salt and pepper  to taste
4 table spoons balsamic vinegar
1 teaspoon mild Dijon mustard
4 heads fresh spinach
-4 halved medium cloves of garlic, and how ever many it takes to equal about a teaspoon of minced garlic

[heat your grill to high heat]
Take about 2 lbs of sword  fish fillets and cut out the red part and separate the sword fish into 4 big filets or 8 smaller filets. take off skin. i personally like 1/2" thick but you can buy it thicker or thinner.

Next for the marinade, place, in a medium sized bowl- 1 teaspoon fine minced garlic or same amount of minced shallots. add a heaping teaspoon of mild Dijon mustard[ not honey mustard]. then pour in about 4 table spoons of balsamic vinegar. add  pepper to taste [ not salt, will mention later] and a sprinkle of herbs de provence[ its a nice mix of herbs, you can add your own favorite seasonings but not to much just a touch to give a nice flavor]. mix well with a whisk, check the consistency,[ should be pretty thick, strong tasting and dark] then slowly drizzle regular olive oil[ extra virgin is too much for this dressing] and whisk as you drizzle. its hard to say how much but whisk until it thins out a little and the taste is not over acidic but has some bite to it. pour this into a Ziploc back with the swordfish, take the air out and marinate in the fridge anywhere from half hour to 6 hours, the longer the better.

Take four heads of fresh spinach, rinse and strain. in a large pot add 2 or 3 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil and 4 medium cloves of garlic, halved. sauté until the garlic is golden brown  over medium high heat.  stand back and quickly pour all the spinach in, cover temporarily if it really splatters. sprinkle 2 heaping teaspoons of salt over the spinach to wilt it down and put on cover. check back in about 5 minutes and stir cover back on for another 5 minutes and then cook cover off 3 or 4 more minutes until most juices are evaporated but not dry. take off heat pour into a bowl and sit aside. [we like it room temperature but its up to you] or leave in the pan with the cover on to keep it hot.

Now take out the sword fish after how ever long you have decided to marinate it for, spray the grill with pam spray or rub with oil. Salt the sword fish fillets now[ if you salted the marinate it will have started to cook and ruin the fish] place fillets on grill and cook anywhere from 2-6 minutes per side depending on thickness. check to see if they have nice dark grill marks, i like to rotate the fish to get crossing grill marks so it looks nice but you don’t have too. when you feel its done, cut in slightly to see if most pink is gone and doesn’t look raw, but still has a pinkish tint to it. Serve over spinach. [ sprinkle fish with lemon and Extra virgin olive oil if the fish didn’t marinate that long to give it a nice flavor.] and ENJOY!!

This dish is fairly simple and is nice to serve for company [ just double everything for 8 people] after another course because it is not very filling. I like to serve it after a pasta course its a nice finish to a meal

This Recipe was posted on: Aug 24, 2005
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