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Entree, Salmon
BBQ Poached Tilapia or Salmon Servings: 2
Estimated cooking time: 10-15 Min. Max Posted By: MissTerri

2 Tilapia or Salmon fillets ea. put in indiv. handmade "boats" of alum. foil.
Olive Oil - drizzle all over fillets.
Lemon Juice - 1 fresh squeezed for both.  
Garlic Clove - 1 fresh, pressed & rubbed on both along with fresh ground pepper & sea salt.
Mushrooms - 4to6 fresh white chopped/divided equally.
Bell Pepper- 1/2 med. size gr,red,yl or orange fresh & finely chopped/divided equally.
Poach on medium grill until tender. Serve over wild rice with fresh spinach salad on side.

This Recipe was posted on: Jun 10, 2005
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