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Entree, Other
2.75$ poormans fry fish lunch Servings: 1
Estimated cooking time: 10 Posted By: fishjunkie

Fluke not biting,porgies too small, the only thing that you caught , 3 big ugly sea robins. Had yor heart set on fried fish for lunch. Fillet those fish!.Pick up a 2 liter coke on sale for .99cents 1 lemon and a loose potato for a buck and a can of your favorite veggies for .75 cents and be ready to enjoy the best lunch youv'e ever had for under 3.00 bucks.

Rub italian dressing on about 6 sea robin fillets.
Put a cup of  seasoned flour in a plastic bag. then place the fillets in the bag  shake the bag till the fillets are covered with the flour
Heat up the oil in a fry pan.In the meanwhile take your potato poke a few holes in it and stick it in your microwave for about 5 minutes. Open the can of veggies.By then the oil should be hot ,shake off any execess flour from the fillets and carefully  place them in the oil.Fry them for about 3-4 minutes on each side,now place your canned veggies in the microwave heat them up.When the fish is done transfer them to some paper towels or coffee filters to absorb some extra oil,now your potato and veggies should also be ready.
Sit down and enjoy!  

This Recipe was posted on: Apr 27, 2005
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