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Entree, Shellfish
grilled shellfish Servings: 4
Estimated cooking time: 10mnts Posted By: fishjunkie

This recipe is for those people who enjoy shellfish.It is easy to prepare and it's a great way to enjoy great seafood instead of the same old dogs and burgers in your next cookout. Shrimp   ,crablegs ,mussels,clams ,lobster tails and any other type of these tasty critters can be used.I wont get into exact measurements just let your wallet and belly decide how much your'e going to eat and spend.

For this recipe you will need :
1.whatever shell fish you decide to use a single item or combination of each
2.sheets of foil wrap
3.chopped onions ,chopped parsley, and chopped  fresh garlic cloves
4.Real white wine(not the junk thats labled as cooking wine)
5.real butter
6. a hot grill

1.Lay out a large sheet of foil.Place the the shellfish in the middle of the foil.
2.Sprinkle a handful of the chopped onions, garlic, and parsley over the top.
3.Pour a little of the wine and butter
4.Seal the foil.Make sure you seal nice and tight
5.Place the shellfish  on the grill.Walk away.
6. Go into your kitchen cut some lemons grab a few cold ones for you and your friends
slice a few slices of a crusty french bread .
7.And in  less than 10 minutes you will be in heaven.
***just toss out any unopened clams or mussels**

This Recipe was posted on: Apr 22, 2005
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