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Soup, Lobster
Lobster Bisque Servings: 6
Estimated cooking time: 1 hr Posted By: crabby

2 1-1/2lb.lobsters
2 1/2 cup lobster stock
4 tbsp. butter
1 small can tomato paste
1 minced onion
1 lg. minced carrot
1 tsp. chopped garlic
1/4 cup brandy
3 stalks minced celery
2 chicken bouillon
2 cups heavy cream
4 tbsp. flour
1 tsp. paprika
1/2 cup cream sherry
dash of salt and pepper
Boil Lobsters in large pot of water with 2 chicken bouleons for about 15 minutes.  Take lobsters out to chill so you don't burn your hands. Save the lobster stock. Once cool, remove tail all meat and tamalley from lobster shell.  Chop off lobster legs and chop up claws. Place in bowl and put aside. Heat a medium size saute pan until hot and add butter. Add legs, reduce heat and cook for 1-2 minutes tossing the legs. Add all the minced vegetables and garlic and cook for 5 more minutes. Slowly sprinkle in the flour and cook for another 2-3 minutes. Transfer everything into a 2 quart saucepan.  Pour the sherry in then add everything to the saucepan including the lobster heads. Heat the mixture until hot then slowly add the lobster stock then cream.   Add the tomato paste and paprika.  You can add more or less tomato paste and paprika depending on the color you want. Keep cooking until the soup thickens.

This Recipe was posted on: Mar 13, 2005
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