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Soup, Shellfish
cioppino stew Servings:
Estimated cooking time: Posted By: STRIKERTHREE

Cioppino Stew
Dogfish or Catfish
Lemon slices
Fresh thyme
White wine
Precooked tomatoes
Clam juice
Cubanel pepper
Red onions
Olive oil
Red peppers

Begin by preparing your seafood. If you need to purge your clams, place them in fresh water and allow them to sit before you begin. Make sure your lobsters are cut and gutted as well. Lightly dust the dogfish with flour.

Chop up your red peppers, cubanel pepper and red onions. Slice a big handful of garlic into slivers. Pour the olive oil into a super-large stew pot over the grill. First into the pot is the garlic. Place the dogfish in the pot next; the flour will brown and give it a nice crust. The lobster goes in next, followed by the vegetables, lemon slices and fresh thyme. As the stew sautées, pour in a healthy amount of white wine. Finally, add the clams.

Pour about 6 bottles of clam juice into the pot and allow to come to a boil. Now, prepare your garnish by slicing the zucchini. Add the cooked, peeled tomatoes, zucchini and basil. Give it a few stirs and serve hot!

This Recipe was posted on: Jan 17, 2005
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