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Entree, Bluefish
bluefish salad Servings: -2
Estimated cooking time: Posted By: STRIKERTHREE

"Bluna" Fish Salad
Blue fish
Olive oil Fresh lemons
Black pepper
Grainy mustard
Balsamic vinegar
Sandwich spread

Cut the tops off the beets and set aside. Place the prepared beets on a sheet of foil. Drizzle them with olive oil and sprinkle with black pepper and salt. Cushion the beets with a few slices of fresh lemon before wrapping up the beets in the foil and placing them on the griddle. Scrape the jackets off the beets when they're finished.

When starting the potatoes, make sure they’re all relatively the same size. Place them in a pot of water with a few sliced lemons on top and boil. Peel them when finished cooking.

After your fish has been gutted and scaled, score the fish skin-side about an eighth of an inch. For the marinade, slice a few cloves of garlic and place them in a bowl. Add some grainy mustard, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and lemon peel. Whisk the ingredients together. Sprinkle with black pepper and salt before pouring the marinade onto the bottom of the pan. Then place your fish in the pan, making sure to thoroughly coat it with marinade. Remove the fish from the pan and lay it on the grill, adding more pepper and salt as you cook the fish for about 10 minutes on each side. When finished cooking, carefully use a fork to flake the meat off the bone.

For the dressing, add sandwich spread (mayonnaise with pickle relish) to the marinade leftovers. This will give the dressing a creamy texture. Slice some onions and place them in a bowl. Add watered-down mayonnaise, salt, pepper and the diced stems from the beets. Place your bed of lettuce in a bowl and add the cooked beets and potatoes. Mix the fish in the dressing and arrange artfully.

This Recipe was posted on: Jan 17, 2005
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