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Appitizer, Bluefish
Smoked Bluefish - Smoked Bluefish Spread Servings:
Estimated cooking time: Posted By: pogytime

Smoked Bluefish:
I smoke mine two ways.
Soak the filets in the brine(Soy, sugar, maple syrup, ginger, garlic, black pepper)
I soak the filets for 3 hours or overnite. Overnite is not necessary but ok if you need to.

Another way I prepare the filets is to brush on olive oil. Sprinkle liberally with old bay seasoning, garlic powder, salt and pepper.

Smoking:  Smoke the filets for 1 hour or more depending on moisture content you prefer. The longer you smoke the dryer the filets get. Something like fish jerky which some prefer.

I use charcoal and hickory wood chunks. Mesquite is ok.

The results are very delicious.

Bluefish Spread or Dip:
Chop the smoked filets but do not grind too fine. Otherwise you will have a pate. Thats another recipe

add cream cheese and mayonaise in equal parts. Add finely chopped celery . Salt and pepper to taste.

Your friends will be bluefish converts. The flavor is similar to whitefish salad that people are familiar with but much more interesting.

Let me know how you like it.

Evan :)

This Recipe was posted on: Oct 13, 2004
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