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Entree, Blackfish
Old New York Times Bluefish Recipe Servings: 4
Estimated cooking time: 15 min. Posted By: Zeebar

First, turn oven to 500 degrees on "Bake."

Second, line a baking dish with aluminum foil but do not grease the foil so that the skin will stick to it after cooking.  Lay the Bluefish fillets in the dish with the skin side down.

Third, mix a combination of about 3 parts Hellman's mayonase with 1 part Grey Poupon mustard together and adjust to taste.  Spread this mixture over the fillets completely with the mixing spoon in a not too thin but not too thick layer.

Fourth, add a not to thin but not to thick layer of seasoned breadcrumbs over the fillets and bake in the, now 500 degree, oven until the breadcrumbs turn brown (about 15 minutes). If the fillets can be easily split with a fork then they are ready otherwise cook for another couple of minutes.  Serve hot with cut up lemon wedges on each plate.

Note: This is a quick delicious recipe and is great for people who complain that Bluefish is too oily.

Enjoy !!!

This Recipe was posted on: Aug 27, 2004
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