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Date posted November 8, 2016 1:28 AM
Posted by jhtunafever
Report location Connecticut > Eastern CT > Charles Island
Fishing method Boat
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Sorry for the late report.

My younger son and I decided to go out Sunday for some toggin, I looked at the weather report and it called for NW winds 5 to 10 with gust up to 20 mph, seas 1 foot or less.

Dropped the boat in around 7am and head out the Milford harbor.

Wind was blowing a good 10 knots but was not bad.

We were going to head over to middle ground and then over to Norwalk. My son was at the helm and I was sitting in my chair looking out the back of the boat.

My son yells back to me, lots of birds working and about 15 boats in one area.

I said go for it, so we got right in the mix.

Fish were breaking everywhere.

I'm glad I brought the spinning outfits.

I cast my hogey epoxy jig right in the middle of the breaking fish and bam,fish on.

My son does the same thing and 2 cranks of the reel and fish on.

I got something really heavy as it's pulling line like crazy off my new shimano stradic 4000xg spooled with 20 braid.

I fight the fish for 5 minutes when I lose it.chit!

I reel in thinking I will get hit again and to my surprise, when I get to the shock leader no hogey 8$

hogey jig swimming around in a blue fish's mouth.

Reward if found. :)

10 minutes later my son gets his fish to the boat and it's a nice estimated 15lb striper, released to grow bigger.

I tie another epoxy jig on and cast again, this time I hookup close to the boat, again the line starts peeling off the reel, 15 minutes later a blue about 16 lbs comes into the boat and released.

We chased the school for about 2 hours catching bass and blues up to 16 lbs. bass between 8 to 15 lbs.

The wind picked up and it was now blowing 20 to 30.

I should have known the weatherman was wrong, we weren't supposed to get this wind till late afternoon.

The wind was actually blowing the boat sideways against the current and made for some really rough conditions, it was causing the boat to lean and a couple of times I thought I was going over.

We stopped fishing for the B&Bs and headed in behind Charles island to try our hand at some tog.

Got the hook out , but it was hard to make it stick because of the wind.

We finally called it quits and came in around 11am.

On our way in we passed by two guys in a canoe, I slowed down to tell them its really bad out , that they should turn around and go back, they thanked me for my advice and kept going.

We got back to the ramp and what a trip it was trying to get the boat on the trailer.

We ended the day with 20 blues and 8 bass, with my son catching 6 of the bass, he was using a green epoxy jig , it seems that the bass preferred the green over the silver which is what I was using.

Not a bad day except for the wind, which cut our trip short.

Not complaining, haven't seen my younger son for awhile and it was great to catch up on things.

He booked a Cruise for next may on a boat out of NY.

I think its Norwegian Cruise Lines not sure,but my son and his wife are headed to the Bahamas.

His younger son is headed to spain to train with an elite soccer team for 3 weeks. WoW I'm so jealous, just kidding. What a great opportunity for my grandson ZAC.

Hope to get out again this week but it doesn't look good, my older son wants his turn. lol

Oh, and those guys in the canoe ended up on Charles Island after their canoe capsized , why am I not surprised.

The blues were coughing up bunker pieces, but I did not see any bunker, I was marking sand eels, lots of them.All the fish had big bellies, so their eating good for the run.

That's it till the next trip.

Looks like the fish maybe around for a couple more weeks.I hope so.

I want to try for tog, so that is my objective for the next trip out, will see what the weather has in store for us.

Get out there if you can. Charles island has been hot for the last couple of weeks.

Tight lines.


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 11/09/2016 09:26 PM  

Shades,, sorry jay glad i got a look at your day,, stay well,, talk soon,,,><(((:> ~~~ ><((:>


Joined: 11/19/2010
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 11/10/2016 03:48 AM  

No problem joe, we didn't take any pics, we were to busy catching.
gonna try thursday.
talk later, say hello to Jbay for me.
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