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Date posted August 19, 2012 10:05 PM
Posted by togilator
Report location Rhode Island > Offshore > Block Island Cod on the Captains Table
Fishing method Boat
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Had a charter for today up in green harbor but Captain had to cancel due to a shoulder injury.With short notice my buddy Jay called our friend Mike Bady who runs captains table charters in Greenport and was open for the day.We decided to make a go at Summer cod on Coxes ledge which would be a 50 plus mile run.

The crew of 4 of us plus captain Mike left dock at 4:45 am and began the long steam at 16.5 knots in his 28 Albin.After about 3hrs Mike pulled back on the throttles and we started to look around.We were a bit short of ledge and had some markings in 142.'The wind was blowin a steady 15 plus with a new moon and we quickly discovered we are going to need 20 oz. of lead or some heavy jigs.we had a 1.8 knot drift making thing difficult.

1st drift was a bust,2nd drift some swings and misses and then 1 final drift before we moved to Coxes.Third drift was game on and Reel Cranky Bill quickly bent his new rodwinder custom seeker Rod with 2 keepers.Myself and Captain JP from the osprey had 2 shorts.After that we were on the fish and stayed in a 1/2 mile for the next 3 hours and boxed 36 keeper cod and had another 20 shorts.The fish were responsive to jigs and we caught several on them but were attacking the bait aggresively.I do think if we all jigged it probably been equaly effective.The wind and tide slowly backed off and we were able to get away with more reasonable 12-16 oz.of lead.With 36 keepers we decided we had plenty and let Mike cut the fish.We made some more drifts and released another 12 cod with most of them keepers.We never made it to the ledge as it wasn't needed to go the extra distance.

Every drift had 2 to 8 cod on and we didnt have 1 dog all day.Size was mixed and better than the winter runts with the biggest going about 15 lbs.Fishing was as good as it gets and we could have easily filled the cooler with more but took what we needed and headed for the Barn in flat calm seas.This was my 2nd Summer trip to the Block cod grounds and both were very good.Get out as soon as you can before the winter mutts show back up and ruin the party.Hats off to Captain Mike bady who kept us on productive hard bottom all day.

The camera chip was full so I only have 2 pics.

Cranky Bill and Captain JP getting it done.

Average size cod we were catching with some bigger mixed in.

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Joined: 12/10/2009
Posts: 5200
Location: A-team
 08/20/2012 03:20 AM  

Glad you got out since I heard you been working like a beast all summer Rob

What a way to break in your new Rodwinder Bill

The only thing missing is the hat Toungue


Joined: 05/06/2003
Posts: 6754
Location: Kings Park
 08/20/2012 05:36 AM  


Joined: 09/01/2002
Posts: 7598
Location: new york city
 08/20/2012 07:11 AM  

Great report..Glad you guys did very good,Cod fishing in shorts and shirts priceless..Smile..Fred

I love God I love my family I love Fishing I love my country…Love it's everything that make me happy,thanks God for love'<ALSO I'M FAIR WEATHER FISHERMAN>and proud of it.

Joined: 08/14/2003
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Location: East Rockaway, NY
 08/20/2012 07:51 AM  

Nice report Rob. Nothing like cod fishing in tee shorts.

My biggest fear is that when i die my wife will sell my fishing gear for what I said i paid for it.

Joined: 12/07/2007
Posts: 6359
Location: Massapequa
 08/20/2012 10:19 AM  

Summer cod on the Captain's Table!

GREAT day, like Chris said, there is just nothing like codfishing without several layers of clothes on up! Even better when you can make a good catch without having to travel up North Wink

Thanks for a great trip as always,Mike up! With the good weather, terrific company,and real solid fishing ( without a single solitary doggie to get in the way up!), you couldn't have asked for a better day upSmile!!!

Somewhere in Chicago,a community is missing its organizer

Joined: 01/02/2009
Posts: 6610
Location: Bay ridge Brooklyn!
 08/20/2012 11:32 AM  

Nice job on the codup

Prowling the shore line's!

Joined: 08/25/2006
Posts: 586
Location: Port Jefferson
 08/20/2012 06:09 PM  

Had a great time, we gotta make this a yearly trip

"It's not fish your buying, it's mens lives"

Joined: 04/26/2003
Posts: 207
 08/20/2012 07:53 PM  

Shirtsleeve Cod

Thanks very much for the kudos guys. It was a true team effort with all of your fishing expertise and a little hard earned expereince on my side. Hope you enjoy the fine dining!
Capt. Mike

Joined: 11/22/2011
Posts: 107
 09/03/2012 02:09 AM  

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