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Date posted July 4, 2011 12:11 PM
Posted by MakoMike
Report location Rhode Island > Rhode Island > Pt. Judith to Charlestown
Fishing method Boat
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We had a fluke charter booked for Sunday so my mate Danny and I decided to do an exploratory trip on Saturday to see what was around locally. We fished from Pt Judith west to charlestown and took our limit of 14 fish. Last two fish of the day were these two, the smaller one weighted 8.2 pounds and the bigger was was just a shade over 10-pounds.

Sunday we took the Bill Brown Charter on, what tuened out to be an abbreviated trip due to the thunderstorms. The four fishermen still managed to put 18 fish in the boat before the thunder scared us off the grounds around 1PM. No really big fish on Sunday except for one possible that made good its escape before we could see it.

We had a fluke charter booked for Sunday so my mate Danny and I decided to do an exploratory trip on

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Rodwinder Club Member

Fishing Rods

Joined: 08/28/2002
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Location: Brooklyn
 07/04/2011 02:16 PM  

Well done Mike up

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V.I.S. Imaging, Ltd.

Joined: 08/09/2000
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Location: Onancock VA
 07/04/2011 08:30 PM  


"....inside every old person is a young person wondering what the hell happened??"
Fishing Friend

Joined: 02/04/2002
Posts: 2308
 07/04/2011 10:37 PM  


Dragging lead and spearing??
Fancy buckails/rigs?
It's a secret lure?Toungue


Joined: 05/28/2003
Posts: 6881
Location: Saint James
 07/04/2011 10:45 PM  

really nice fluke there Mike, great going Shades

~Piker MacGyver, Noreast Piker ~ Never left

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MakoMike Club Member

Noreast Writer

Joined: 12/28/2000
Posts: 71023
Location: Pt. Judith
 07/05/2011 07:58 AM  

One was caught on a spearing and the other on a sand eel. Both rigs has plastic squids and a strip of squid. The bigger fish took the spearing.


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Makomania out

Joined: 06/14/2005
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Location: Woonsocket, RI
 07/05/2011 01:37 PM  

Yummy eating there Mike Smile

Hand Made Lures

Joined: 02/04/2006
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Location: Raritan Bay NY
 07/05/2011 05:32 PM  

Nice catch Mike up
Fishing Friend

Joined: 02/04/2002
Posts: 2308
 07/05/2011 06:22 PM  

I like those big sandeels..but noobody really uses them anymore.
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