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Date posted April 28, 2008 2:01 PM
Posted by likeitreallyis
Report location New York > Shinnecock > Weekend surf report...
Fishing method Surf
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Saturday 4/26:

Peconic Bay/Shinnecock Bay area.. Went out in search of weakfish and flounder..

found Blues, Fluke (!), and Bergalls.. summer time fishing patterns already? (Sorry no cam today)..

Sunday 4/27:

Fire Island Inlet area... (Last of outgoing, sunset), stupid fishing.. Bluefish on every cast, you guys who were there know what I'm talking about.. everyone had at least 20.. cut off the trebles and added J hooks, fished a topwater plug on the 8' St. Croix and fished till my arms couldn't take it anymore.. after dark tried some bucktails and swimmers looking for Stripers.. Blues had other ideas after two mangled bucks and tired arms, I called it quits.. so many bluefish, you could walk across the inlet on them.. crazy.. still looking for a flounder and the first keeper sized striper.

Until next time..

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Author Message

Joined: 10/28/2003
Posts: 125
Location: Forest Hills
 04/28/2008 02:58 PM  

Nice going,

I was in the Rockaways on Friday using the same plug. Lots of hits but I just couldn't hook up. I guess I'm rusty, and trying to set the hook too soon.

I notice you don't use a steel leader like I do. Could that be spooking them?

Do you lose a lot of blues using the J-hook vs. the treble? I know the ones you do catch are easier to unhook.

Thanks for the advice.


Joined: 10/28/2005
Posts: 16948
Location: Rolling in the deep....
 04/28/2008 03:09 PM  

Hello Mark,

I actually use florocarbon leaders, this one is at 30 pounds.. I always hold out hope for a bass, so I stay away from steel. Always keep pressure on the fish, don't play it, and I loose very few lures, as long as constant steady pressure is applied. Once a fish is brought in, feel the leader for any nicks, cut and re-tie immediately.. I re-tied only once last night, using the same leader just shorter.. To answer your question, yes I have noticed less strikes with the steel leaders also, some will say yeah right, but try it one day for yourself.

Now if the fish are breaking water (they weren't last night), a steel leader is the way to go as you may have to drag the line and fish through a school, and more fish may strike along the way..

When my kids come, they have wire leaders on, I stay away from them as much as I can though.

I see no real difference between the J hooks and trebles, trebles and blues that are not going to be kept are a bad idea nad frustrating, I always have large channel lock pliers with me and even then trebles are a headache..

When I'm first fishing anywhere the trebles stay on, more like a security blanket.. but when the blues are in thick, you'll be glad you put the J's on.. Also, sharpen the all hooks, ,including trebles, before each use.. you should be able to "scratch your fingernail" with the point.. if not, too dull.

Also, on the hook-ups, let them hook themselves somewhat. Most guys throw out poppers and reel in like crazy.. this is not needed with the floating super strike, slow cranks, occassional splash.. sometimes the fish will hit, (especially Bass) when the plug isn't even moving at all.. set the hook once you start your retrieve..
Good luck up

Green Grass and High Tides forever,,,

This post edited by likeitreallyis 03:18 PM 04/28/2008

Joined: 08/22/2001
Posts: 1242
Location: Long Island
 04/28/2008 03:39 PM  

Great report Bob.


Joined: 04/10/2008
Posts: 98
 04/28/2008 03:39 PM  


What is a bergall? Does it look like a sea robin?

Joined: 07/01/2005
Posts: 199
Location: huntington
 04/28/2008 03:42 PM  

getsome2 wrote:

What is a bergall? Does it look like a sea robin?

no it does not look like a sea robin but it closely resembles a blackfish

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uhh the germans didnt.....
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Joined: 05/02/2005
Posts: 2508
Location: Raritan Bay to MTK....
 04/28/2008 03:52 PM  

Nice going Bobup. Thanks for the update.

YouTube search- Iplayfair2,KFA-NY, SPEED BUMP, NITE-BITE

Joined: 10/28/2005
Posts: 16948
Location: Rolling in the deep....
 04/28/2008 04:03 PM  


Thanks guys..

This is a bergall, caught last summer not from Saturday... Very surprised to see them already....

Green Grass and High Tides forever,,,

Joined: 03/17/2003
Posts: 27998
Location: levittown, N.Y.
 04/28/2008 04:20 PM  


For the report, hope your arms are ready for round 3up

I drive a jeep, but CHEVY is in my blood. libba # 1742, Striped Bass Coop.
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Joined: 12/02/2005
Posts: 1129
Location: Miller Place, NY
 04/28/2008 04:31 PM  



Joined: 05/31/2005
Posts: 73
Location: NY BITE
 04/28/2008 04:32 PM  

Shinny Rpt.

Thanks for the report. good to know there is action out there so soon. The bass will come, they just want us to wait. Get those arms redy.

Joined: 04/23/2002
Posts: 16210
Location: Moriches
 04/28/2008 04:34 PM  

Bob You should be fishing with PabloToungue

walleyeman Club Member

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Joined: 07/30/2002
Posts: 3716
Location: Bohemia
 04/28/2008 05:48 PM  

Nice job Bob! up Great report! Tired and hurting arms...what a nice problem Smile

LIBBA #1983
MSA #1982

Joined: 09/07/2001
Posts: 1194
 04/28/2008 05:57 PM  

flounder under cover

Hey Bob nice job, I had the same action to the west in Jones.
You will be hard pressed to catch many flounder with the huge influx of gorilla blues. They will stayed burried until they can start there move out of the bays starting next week. Lift a head from the mud and they may loose it surprise

Joined: 11/21/2004
Posts: 2282
Location: Moses to MTK
 04/28/2008 06:13 PM  

nice. YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Bob Eisey,  LIBBA 1002,  MSA 295

Joined: 10/06/2006
Posts: 2273
Location: Hauppauge N.Y
 04/28/2008 06:32 PM  


Bobby you mad manToungue. Thanks for the reports and pics. See ya soonupup.>>>>>>>>>>>Martin

LIBBA 1347

Joined: 05/12/2003
Posts: 333
Location: Bayside, N.Y.
 04/28/2008 06:42 PM  

Nice job Capt. !!!

ToungueToungueToungueToungue Keep them coming! upupupup

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Joined: 08/26/2001
Posts: 446
Location: Hampton Bays
 04/28/2008 07:06 PM  

Nice! I didn't get out this weekend. The bite is picking up for us in Shinny! Good Luckup

Joined: 12/10/2004
Posts: 1931
Location: East Moriches
 04/28/2008 07:18 PM  


Tried Bergalls as Bass Bait last year. No takers.


Joined: 10/01/2001
Posts: 16887
Location: ><)))):> ~~ THE JAMAICA BAY TRIANGLE ~~ <:))))><
 04/28/2008 07:40 PM  

<:))))>< DUKE OF THEM FLUKE ><)))):>

BOB, FLUKE, up,,><Wink))):> ~~~ ><Wink))):>


This post edited by mojoe 07:43 PM 04/28/2008

Joined: 02/18/2008
Posts: 6
 04/28/2008 07:50 PM  

Did anyone try the Shinnecock Inlet on the east side of the jetti Yet or is it to early?

A bad day of fishing is better then a great day at school!
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