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Date posted December 2, 2007 2:25 PM
Posted by SmarterDarter
Report location New York > Fire Island > WaaaaaY east of RM5
Fishing method Surf
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Well I decided to do the walk WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY East of RM5 this morning 0230 a.m. Boy was it cold! I hit it good I nailed on my first cast a 33” Striped bass followed by a 40” bass and a 38.75” bass. Then I scored two monster 7# blues on a small Kastmaster. This all happened before 0315! I met this guy Bob who was fishing clams at 0330 he saw that I was into some nice fish so he asked me what I was using. I gave him a 7/8 ounce chicken scratch bomber and he nailed a 16.75# bass. He was so happy he offered to by me breakfast at Captree. I simply smiled and walked back to my truck tired, cold and happy.

Nah Just kidding! Happy Holiday!

Remember; don’t believe everything you read!


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