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Date posted November 19, 2007 6:45 PM
Posted by PaddleOn
Report location New York > Debs/Jones > Long Beach/Point Lookout
Fishing method Surf
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Fished Long Beach area today from 1:30 - 3:30.Tons of birds working 1/4 mile out then moving in closer.They were very close for 20 minutes then faded away and moved deeper.There were different clusters of birds with one pack of them in the high hundreds...maybe a thousand.All birds going West to East the entire time.

No fish for me and I did not see anyone else hook up.

Clean fresh air with a nice nip to it felt good!

Headed for home but stopped at Point Lookout and fished a jetty for a 1/2 hour with no results other than 2 taps.Bit O weed but not too bad.

I need to fish this area more often!

And bring the Korkers when I do :)


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Joined: 10/06/2006
Posts: 2273
Location: Hauppauge N.Y
 11/19/2007 07:18 PM  

Hi Jay, nice try. Don't give up yetFinger. Keep at itSmile.
tight Lines>>>Martin

LIBBA 1347

Joined: 11/16/2007
Posts: 14
Location: I Dunno
 11/19/2007 07:45 PM  

Darkness is key.

I represent the Lollipop Guild

Joined: 06/07/2007
Posts: 183
Location: Bellmore NY
 11/20/2007 09:23 PM  

Jay: As I have often said to my fellow fisherpersons, a lousy day of fishing is much better than going to work. You'll do better next time, and if not, then the next time. Still beats working.
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