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Date posted November 4, 2007 10:10 AM
Posted by snapperman
Report location New York > North Shore > Port jeff
Fishing method Surf
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I went out with my dad fishing last night in the middle of the tempest by the inlet of setauket harbor. Tried the jetty but with winds gusting at 40mph, and unbelievable 3ft waves in the harbour we opted to go to a local dock. when we got there the waves were breaking over the floating section of the dock that was rocking back and forth. on the dock the is a light the shines on the water to a ttract fish. In the light the swells were easily 3ft. My dad was cold so I said we might as well head in because the fish around. Then all of a sudden we saw two swirls on the crest of a wave then another. Since they were on the up wind side and we had only 1oz bomers my dad just dropped his lure straight down and started pulling it down the dock when he got a huge strike andd the drag started to go. After a few minutes a nice bass came to the surface, but the problem was how to land it. We couldn't walk it to shore or reel it straight up. I decided to walk down on the dock. My dad walked the fish over and pulled a nice 36in bass onto the dock. We let it go and since i was soaked from the waves we decided to call it a night.


-1 36in bass on a bomber

-saw a squid and small school of spearing in the light

-great night out with my dad

Tight lines

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