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Date posted October 21, 2007 2:15 PM
Posted by snapperman
Report location New York > North Shore > Port Jeff/inlet to Setauket Harbor
Fishing method Surf
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Went out with dad on saturday night. wind blowing hard from the west. Top of the out going. A large half moon made it possible to see with out our head lamps. Started at the jetty at the mouth of Setauket harbor. We were casting crystal minnows and chicken scrath bombers. After 15min hitless minutes, my dad hooks into a nice fish on the CS bomber. After a few run a bass easily over twenty pounds comes up to the surface. when I turned my light on to grab the leader, the fish made a last ditch attempt for freedom, and cut the 40lb test braid right at our feet on a rock. SNAP at this point my dad was leaning back and almost fell off the rock. he got his balence back and we fished another 20min before we left and went to a lighted dock in Port Jeff. Look down and about a dozen schoolies are just sittin there chillin in the light. My dad casts, bam, 21incher. I cast and catch a 19incher. then all of a sudden all the bass disapear. I dont know if it was the fish fighting on our lines or what but all the fish disapeared for a whole hour. then some brown thing about 6in comes up behind my dads plug, squirts a 2ft jet of water in the air and disappears. My dad, myself and another guy are like WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT. Any way, great night out with my dad, everytime we have gone night fishin in the harbour this year we've caught fish which has been a first for us. Total was:

-2 bass 19in and 21in

-lost one +20lber right at our feet

-one wierd, squirting brown thing

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