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Date posted October 9, 2007 11:44 AM
Posted by tiderunner70
Report location New York > Fire Island > jib vi
Fishing method Boat
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very late report. took a spur of the moment last minute last night on the jib last night. i am happy to say they did not waste any anglers time with drowning eels in our warm waters. its too early for that in the fire island inlet. maybe after the cold front blows trhrough that will change quickly. but until then weakfish are still in the. 2 real beauties were caught at the end of the trip last night and if the boat stayed longer for the tide there would have been several more. clams were the ticket for non stop sea bass action . a few porgies and quite a few shad in teh mix as well. granted there were god only knows how many shorts but there were keepers in the mix. capt bobby did his part to keep anglers on the fish and mates shawn and mike did an awesome job as usual. for those currently fishing the inlet do yourselves a favor and leave the eels at home. stick with the clams for now until the water cools down a bit more. but even better than that if you have the chance to bag some peanut bunker and snappers you will have a great chance at a great night as well. don't be surprised if u see a few other captains fishing clams for awhile as well. i personally had atleast 45 fish last night. the majority were small but they were fish just the same. you may want to get out there and take advantage of a few more weakfish before its colder and over. than on to the bass. :)this was sunday night. problems with the report section. with the is cold front blowing through it could change everything by the end of the week so the eels prevail. ;)

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Joined: 05/17/2003
Posts: 583
 10/09/2007 12:47 PM  

Too Early for eels ?

I have been hitting on eels for weeks now in the Moriches inlet. up

I guess i have been lucky.

Nice report



Joined: 08/31/2001
Posts: 13
 10/09/2007 07:45 PM  

great report, tiderunner. Bass are crazy, they gobble eels in some areas, not in others according to the water temp. Off orient jigs are catching pretty good, and across Montauk way eels are catching. Keep up the nice reporting.

Joined: 11/09/2003
Posts: 7171
Location: long island
 10/09/2007 08:19 PM  


Too Early for eels ?

I have been hitting on eels for weeks now in the Moriches inlet.

I guess i have been lucky.

Nice report


let me change that. its definitely too early for eel's in the fire island inlet. moriches inlet is a completely different ball park. after this cold front though. everything could change drastically. can u catch bas in the fire island inlet right now? ofcourse you can. but you will definitely have much better odd's on other species right now and different baits there. there have been more large bass caught there on other baits. they aren't liking the eels right now. there have been several boats doing absolutely nothing but drowning and wasting eels in the area over the past few weeks. i'd say its better to catch some fish no matter what they are than none at all. your right bryan it is funny how fish take different baits in different areas.

beyond that an extrememly well known captain out there recently had a few bushels of clams delivered. he is an awesome captain and an awesome angler as well. i guess he got fed up with the abnormally warm water temps and drowning the eels for a lack of bass as well. Wink

i guess we will see how the weather holds out to change it up.

Tom Farrell
Vice President - New York Coalition for Recreational Fishing
[email protected]

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