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Date posted July 2, 2007 9:02 AM
Posted by baywatch
Report location New York > Shinnecock > Ft Myers Fl~Off Shore
Fishing method Boat
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Got a call from a buddy doing a 12 hour trip out of Ft Myers. Couldn't resist so I am in.

Boat left the dock at 12 midnight on Saturday night. Arrived at out first/ and only drop at a round 3;30 AM for Yellow Tail Snapper which are a good fighting fish for it's size and depth we fished in and supposedly great eating. Non stop action until we moved at day break for Grouper. 5 anglers boated over 50 Yellow Tails from 12 inches to up to about 20 inches.

I had one that ran out twice on me and thank God a buddy and the mate saw it. We guessed about 2-1/2 -3 foot for this one. Finally got it close to the boat and SNAP my poll broke in 2. We still tried to man handle it but then the leader hit the sharp edge of the poll, and that was it. First time that has ever happened to me and I mean a clean break. Man was I pissed but at least we got to see what broke it.

Next Stop was a Grouper spot and this Captain was Good.10-15 minutes no bite or hits, pull anchor and make a move. Once we got on em they where pulling pretty good. We limited out on Reds, 1 per angler and still tried for some Gag and Black to no avail but did mange to keep pulling Reds that where bigger then the ones we had in the box...go figure, always the way.

Total for the 12 hour trip was about 50-60 Yellow Tails (not all in picture), 5 Red Grouper in the 25-28 inch range plus abut a dozen throw backs after our limit, 2 Goaliath's, 1 broke off and we boated the second one which was about 50 or so, and 1 King Mackeral about 3 footnad afew Cuda's. Lost of times we came up with 1/2 a fish cause of the Cuda's.

All in all a great trip on a 42 Dawson, great rates, and IMHO one of the better Captain and Mate, Thanks Hans and Donny.

Have a few more planned, next trip is either an 18 hour or 24 hour for American Red Sanpper and Black Grouper.

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Joined: 12/19/2001
Posts: 13
 07/02/2007 05:50 PM  


What a fine catch!

What was the name of the boat?

How much was the fare and how far of a boat ride was it to the fishing grounds?

Any pictures of the Goliath groupers? Are they catch and release?

Thanks in advanced

Joined: 10/10/2001
Posts: 5514
Location: Cape Coral, Fl. was LI for 52 Yrs
 07/03/2007 08:31 AM  

Name of Boat was Southwind out of the Gateway Marina in Ft Myers Beach. Area code for this area is 239 and the number is on the boat.

We did a 12 hour trip for 1200 dollars,First drop was about 40 miles off or so in 80 feet of water. Then we went deeper for Grouper.

Our next trip will be an 18 hour trip for American Red Snapperup and Black Grouper.

We had 2 Golaiths on , first one broke off, and then we got that little guy. Some of them get up to the 500 pound range and they are catch and release.

This post edited by baywatch 08:33 AM 07/03/2007
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