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Date posted April 29, 2007 11:59 AM
Posted by surfphisher
Report location New York > Moriches > inlet west
Fishing method Surf
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My first time out for the season so I was scouting as-much-as fishing this morning. Started out about an hour into the ebbing tide. Nice clean water was cranking through the inlet. I only threw white and green bucktails with no hits. I didn't see any bait fish whatsoever. A couple of guys soaking clams didn't hit either.

The Smiths Point side is open now. Hows it looking over there guys? The beach and Burma Rd?

Hey Gil, were you marking any fish? You made a few drifts while I was on the jetty.

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Joined: 09/08/2006
Posts: 28773
 04/29/2007 02:04 PM  

yes i to went out with the 2 kids n wife 4 a short shakedown on the mis Parker. nice morning went out from smiths point went right that's west. still c the waters good 4 walking in its so low. turned around went east under smiths point bridge saw ROSSIE the party boat right in the channel fishing. with many other smaller boats. turned around not to bother them n went in . a good run 4 the first time out. BASS TORNAMENT CUMMIN UP MAY 26TH THREW THE 28TH

Almost a lawyer

Joined: 12/11/2004
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Location: Sayville
 04/29/2007 03:55 PM  

Correction...My brain is still in winter mode...I was on the EAST SIDE, Cupsogue.

Joined: 09/09/2006
Posts: 43
 04/29/2007 06:17 PM  

was on the west side friday did not get out and fish.Other guys soaking bait, did not see anyone get anything. You cant drive on the beach just burma road and it is a mess.another week or so and there should be a good amount of fish in the inlet.there probably is some now but I think most are down by the bridge the water warms in the bays faster . the inlet gets a shot of cold water from the ocean every incoming.
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