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Date posted December 11, 2005 12:11 PM
Posted by bigmahi
Report location New York > Fire Island > Ocean Hwy
Fishing method Surf
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Well, it was a glorious morning driving along Ocean Pkwy stopping at JB6, Gilgo Cut, Moses 5, and finally

backside Moses 3 on the sheltered bay.

Saw a total of 2 guys fishing from 8-10am, with no birds, and a lousy low tide.

As I was casting on the bay side east of RM Bridge

out of the corner of my eye I could have sworn I saw a very big woman down near Demo. I strained my eyes

and it looked like she was putting on a helmet with

two large ramn horns. Suddenly I hear a soft but increasing melodie apparently coming from her direction. Yes, is was a female voice that was filling

the air with sweet sounds. Then I felt a jerk on the end of pole, I realized I snagged some green weed.

Nothing. I quickly glanced back, and she was gone.

Wrapping it up for my season, I trudged back to the car. Last beautiful day, clean air, great water, and

a nice song for the winter obviously from the Fat Lady.

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Joined: 08/10/2005
Posts: 82
 12/11/2005 01:15 PM  


you had me laughing, good one.

Joined: 05/16/2005
Posts: 2435
Location: yaphank long island
 12/11/2005 01:28 PM  

fat lady

well said.....

check it out friends
Aquaholic Fishing

Joined: 05/07/2003
Posts: 1164
Location: huntington
 12/11/2005 02:22 PM  

You had me there...I was like what? Very Funny!

"many go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not the fish they are after."...Thoreau

Joined: 10/09/2002
Posts: 637
Location: Manorville
 12/11/2005 02:32 PM  

I saw her too

I thought you were going to say a BIG FAT SWIRL, I saw that lady at moriches last sunday for me. I think paul on the mama mia saw her floating off shore this morning. LOL Merry Christmas everyone!

Born to fish, Forced to work.

Joined: 09/07/2001
Posts: 1194
 12/11/2005 02:48 PM  

well said!

very good my friend - well said. The professional would be proud of you to finally agree after 2 months.

I hit them in Montauk on the Bones. No singing out there - yet.

Joined: 05/16/2005
Posts: 456
 12/11/2005 02:57 PM  

i seen her

she was standing across the lake from me this mroning ,and when she went to start singing i hit her in the head with a 2oz sinker lol, then i left.

Joined: 08/20/2004
Posts: 476
 12/11/2005 05:56 PM  

The song ended 2 weeks ago, enough with the irrational exuberance. Yes there are scattered fish pods here and there & they will be here for another week or two, but in the imortal words of Dandy Don Meredith " turn out the lights the partys OVER'. For those in denial continue to burn fuel & seek counseling.
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