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Date posted November 7, 2005 3:27 PM
Posted by DR FISH
Report location New York > Fire Island > FI Inlet
Fishing method Boat
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Sorry for the late report, my brother and i went out at midnight on Thursday for the begining of the outgoing. We were drifting eels...

We hit all of our normal drifts when about 2:00 am, WHAM!!! She blasted my eel, i reared back and she took some drag!!! After a nice fight my brother brought the net under a nice 41" 23.5/lb Striper...

We fished until the tide died and NADA so we headed to the barn. A quick 5-6 hour nap and we were back out dragging our "STRIPER CANDY" all over the inlet...

This time my brother grunts and leans back into his first fish of the tide... Once the fish got close, i scooped it up and dropped it to the deck. A nice 32" 13/lb Striper.

Who knew eels in the daytime...

We did the drift again and sure enough, Cobia Kid bangs another fish. Almost a carbon copy of the first one, just a little bigger. This one was 33.5" about 15/lbs!!! We quickly headed back to the spot only to drop the last fish 1/2 way to the boat...

The bite had died and NADA the rest of the tide...

Slept for a few more hours than i went out to MONTAUK!!!! My buddy Eric "WhiteyJonas" and his dad Erwin and friends George and Jamall were the rest of the crew. We had three pounds of eels and headed to the "North Rips" where the bite was almost happening...

Since Saturday was so nice, the area was loaded with boats all looking for the "FALL COW"!!! Well we didn't hook into the "FALL COW" but we did have a slow pick there... I picked up the first Striper which ended up to be the biggest at 15/lbs. The fish was caught while everyone else in the boat were snagged by some MORON trolling thru all of the drifting boats?? The sad part, he wasn't alone!!! There were quite a few of the trollers working the spot right thru the drifting fleet??? Anyway, the next drift a 13/lb Striper grabbed my eel and soon hit the deck along with some HUGE Bluefish. We picked up another Striper for Jamall, his 1st ever and some more HUGE Bluefish. As the tide slowed, we headed to the Sub-bouy...

The tide was still moving at the Sub-bouy so we drifte the rest of the eels and nailed some more Bluefish and one last striper about 13/lbs brought in by Eric...

As the tide stopped we headed to Southwest ledge for some Sea Bass but we only got a few shorts with some Bergalls mixed in. We saved them for bait (Bergals only) but we did not have any takers at Pollak Rip on the way back. However we only made a few drifts before pulling the plug on a great weekend!!!

Tight Lines!!!


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Joined: 04/25/2004
Posts: 747
 11/07/2005 03:35 PM  

That sounds like some guy trying to drift through the armada @ 11b saturday. Then when he tried to start the engine it wouldnt work. Finally he got it without smacking into anyone.

Joined: 09/07/2001
Posts: 1194
 11/07/2005 05:27 PM  

wow! I'm tired just reading your report. My wife and daughter would have left me after that trip LOL. Nice job Dr. keep the reports coming. I'm heading to Mecca tomorrow for some jigging on the Lazybones. I will post.

Joined: 02/05/2003
Posts: 1017
Location: A-TEAM Sniper Division
 11/08/2005 08:15 AM  

nice job pete! but as i have told eric before why spend 50 dollars to go all the way out there, when you can catch them right here, and they were even bigger right by you, a lot of driveing bla, hitting the hawk on fri again, 17 was full of c-bass,blues bass limitted last week, we should try to hop on desi again before its over have an extra spot for tues the 15th let me know if you want to go plus going on the weekends seems to be a hassel everywere RT.
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