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Date posted August 8, 2005 1:18 AM
Posted by fordfox
Report location New York > Fire Island > Head buoy
Fishing method Boat
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Fished Fri and Sat from 65ft in to 45. Sat saw 3 keepers but today there were none. Lots of skates!!!!!!!!!both days. Sat we had 40+ fish and today I woould estimate 20+ fluke.

Couldn't figure out where to put this question, but I have to ask:

We were fishing off RM2 in 60ft when I spotted a "squadron" of what looked to me like some sort of Ray! I counted eight of them IN FORMATION! (2 SETS OF FOUR)They were Brown in color and swimming about 2 ft below the surface and they looked to measure aboiut 3ft across, with long tails.....Was I seeing things???????

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