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Date posted July 10, 2005 10:16 PM
Posted by theshark516
Report location New York > Montauk > Hither Hills - vacation report
Fishing method Surf
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This sucks, seems like just yesterday we packed up and left for Hither Hills.. now here I am a week later, back home (really does suck being back, lol).. anyway, wanted to post a recap for the past week.

I'll try and keep this brief, especially since I filled out about 20 pages in my log book ;)

HITHER HILLS: July 3-10...

First 2 days, uh nights I mean, too many beach fireworks going off everywhere. Including the jerks at Wavecrest launching roman candles into the surf... still tossed fresh bunker and only the dogs took the bait amidst the pyrotechnics.

Heck even Montauk's fireworks were cancelled due to drunken jerks setting them off!

Anyway.. July 4th, family partying on the beach during the day, 9# Blue took the chunk. Kids like fresh Blues on the grill, so she came back to the site for bbq..

Tues - Thur, July 5-7: highlights of the vacation.. After a refresher course for one of my son's, and a surfcast lesson for my (probable) future son in law.. the cocktails were being served all over the east end of Hither Hills, perfect timing for a cocktail blitz. They both landed a few fish each. I had to stop casting to show them how to release their own blues, lol .. it was alot of fun, just seeing their eyes light up and all the yelling :)

Got to the point where I removed all trebles and snipped the barbs and replaced with single buktail hooks so the newbies could release their own ;) Yes, a few came back for late afternoon bbq appetizers... great time was had by all!!

We had numorous morning and early evening cocktail blitzes each day. Poppers, pencils, & tins all doing the job.

Fri July 8th: remnants of Tropical Storm Cindy wrecked havoc on the tents and screen rooms at Hither Hills. We battened down the hatches and held our own.. the Coors Lite sure helped ;)

One bad note, Montauk's ocean facing beaches took a SEVERE beating on Friday. At one point, there was a 5' ledge all along the east end of HH, nasty site for sure. Dinner at Salivars was on call.

Saturday, July 9: Took the googans, I mean newbies to the back side of HH.... here we go again. The cocktails were being served all over the place from the old access road out to Goff Pt.

I had more fun watching the boys catching and releasing them on their own then catching them myself.

Sunday, July 10th.. where did the week go ?!?!? My son and I tossed the bag from 0530-0730, nada.. terns were a cast times 3 too far out. Awesome sunrise at least.

Met Jack Yee at the docks, had a great chat with him, first class man all the way! Thank you Jack!

otherwise... no keepers (at HH) yet a great time was had by all!!!

tight lines,


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Joined: 05/22/2005
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Location: In the trenches.......
 07/11/2005 08:08 PM  

Congrats on the great vacation. Nice report - like being there. Welcome back to the "real world". Tightlines! Scott

At least the panic over the "Fiscal Cliff" proved the "Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich" montra was a load of crap repeated by Liars and ignorant lemmings.

Joined: 10/22/2003
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 07/11/2005 09:14 PM  

Hither Hills is my favorite, it's the best for a family vacation in the summer and the 'all guys' trip in the fall ;)

Kevin, ASC
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