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Date posted November 24, 2004 8:26 PM
Posted by Savvy18
Report location New York > North Shore > Celtic Quest
Fishing method Boat
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Fished aboard the Celtic Quest yesterday (11/23). The weather was not bad but the conditions were tough for anchoring. The boat was packed with nice guys. Made the long trip from Queens on the advice of a friend that told me if I wanted to fish the North Shore, this was the boat...

Got to the boat at 6:00am and it was already loaded with fishermen. Not many choices so I put my rod on the starboard side and hoped for the best. I made a bad decision. The port side and stern of the boat were the place to be. I can honestly say that I was not on hard bottom or structure of any kind for more than a combined 10 minutes all day. Myself, along with about six other guys on the starboard side (the guys lucky enough to be closer to the stern had better luck) had a very tough pick of fish. When we were on some decent bottom, we got some fish. Just wish we had more "structure time" during the course of the day...

Meanwhile, the other side of the boat and the stern had a pretty good day. I saw many nice fish come up and I think the pool fish was in the 9lb. range. Some of the guys on my side decided to jump ship and go to the other side when they realized we were on the wrong side. I could not bring myself to do that because it would have caused overcrowding and tangles galore. I know I would not want somebody jumping in between me and another guy every time we caught a few fish. I just think that is bad party boat etiquette. Especially with all that braided line being used.

Anyway, I ended up with a couple keepers. The guy next to me had none. I offered my fish to him and he refused. I would have done the same thing...

The captain worked hard to get us on good bottom moving the boat back and forth but it never really panned out for our side. The conditions were not cooperating. I think I'll stick to the South Shore and friend's boats from now on. At least I won't feel bad if I have to move to the other side of the boat to get on productive bottom. Also, I never mind telling my friends "I got nothing but mud over here buddy..."

Happy Turkey Day to everyone!

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Gary Sinestra Club Member

Joined: 08/31/2001
Posts: 588
Location: Westbury
 11/24/2004 09:32 PM  

Well done and fairly stated GK

Gary korbel

Joined: 08/17/2001
Posts: 1144
Location: jackson heights
 11/24/2004 10:15 PM  

recently was in a similar situation on the same boat only thing was the boat was less crowded. Still one section of the boat was consistently over structure and into fish. Conditions were rough in the morning but nice 2nd half of the day so I don't get it. Will stick to SHB and the bigger boats-wrecks.

Joined: 03/07/2001
Posts: 2993
Location: 1000 Nautical Miles West of the Flemish Cap
 11/24/2004 10:35 PM  

I would not give up on Desi so quickly. Put your time in (2 - 4 trips) and I can guarantee you (almost) you will have an unforgettable day or days, like I have had. The tides have been extremely strong, preventing the tog from venturing out from their daytime hideouts. As a result, the bite in the Sound has not been that great all over, and that is why the day resulted in what you described. When it's hot on the CQ, usually with less tide, everyone catches well. The googins who insist on using porgy hooks and 60 lb. mono on spinning gear may be the exceptions. Our last trip was fantastic with many of us exceeding the limit of 10 fish, resulting in a lot of catching and releasing. I am sure that many people on this board would agree with me.

Capt. Jerry - SPORTFISHING ON LONG ISLAND Instructional Classes
Billy40 Club Member

Joined: 12/16/2001
Posts: 9681
Location: Staten Island
 11/25/2004 09:12 AM  

I've been on Desi's boat for Blackfish 3 times, each time I was on mud. Each time I caught fish because I moved. Actually, the first time I was out there, Desi FORCED me to move & squeeze in between people to get fish because he told EVERYONE he wasn't moving the boat. TEh CQ is small and cramped, but most everyone who goes there is extremely polite, adn will understand if you tell them look, I've been fishing for an hour without a touch, do you mind if I slide in here? I'm sure they would have obliged. PS - some, if not most of the wrecks he fish's are silted over & you always feel like you're on mud/sand.

The HNIC of Teh NERBs

Co-Designer of the Seeker Hercules line of blanks & factory rods

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Joined: 11/05/2000
Posts: 371
 11/25/2004 09:52 AM  

you can't judge a boat/captain by fishing it one time. there is a wreck i fish in my boat and i have been over it on the port jeff boats. this wreck rises 12 feet off the bottom at one point. and you know what- i sometimes catch more fish 40 feet east of the high spot during a slow tide. on the bottom recorder-there is no rise at all in the bottom and all you feel is mud with your rod. i recall being on the wreck a few years ago and the port jeff ace pulled up.i wasn't catching too good so i pulled anchor to let her anchor up on it as they have a business to run and it was the right thing to do. then i re-anchored over the mud and caught more fish than the 20 guys on that side of the boat who were right over the hard bottom. needless to say i had a great day in the mud.i got my limit of blacks between 6-8 lbs in roughly an hour and 20 minutes.( smallest and largest fish weighed at caraftis later that day )


Joined: 03/27/2003
Posts: 1460
Location: Center Moriches
 11/25/2004 09:58 AM  

Don't give up on the cq. i've been on the cq twice, and both trips were very memorable. AS earlier said, the tides have been real strong for anchoring, so its not desi's fault. one of my friends was on last sundays trip, and in the beginning the tide was running real strong, but once it died down everyone was on fish. and also, as billy said most of the wrecks he fishes have been silted over, so they feel like sand. Tom
new hampshire

Joined: 09/28/2001
Posts: 6337
Location: USA
 11/25/2004 12:14 PM  

Have to learn to mug people without them knowing that it's happening lol.

Looks like she got beat with an uglystick(((SHAKESPEARE)))
That is.

Joined: 05/10/2002
Posts: 4090
Location: Howard Beach
 11/25/2004 04:45 PM  

Hey Guys, Thanks for the responses and suggestions. I hope I did not sound like I was bashing Desi or his crew. Just stating the facts of the day. You could be right about the wrecks being "soft" or silted and I would buy that if I was not looking over to the other side of the boat to see them bailing fish. One of the guys that kept going to the other side was keeping me informed that the bottom was "much better" on that side. Like I stated, when our side shifted over every once in a while, the bottom was very hard and productive. We all made jokes that we'd better catch some fish fast... Like I said, I'll stick to the South Shore and private boats. Just thought I'd change my scenery one time. I'm sure with better conditions Desi would have put us on the better bottom more often. He is a hard working captain and I respect the work he did to try and get us hooked up. It's not an easy job!!

Capt Desmond

Joined: 02/11/2002
Posts: 238
Location: Montauk
 11/25/2004 05:28 PM  

Wow, this is a hard business! Screaming outgoing tide all day against an east wind fishing pieces half the size of my boat. And even in those conditions we still had over 125 keepers on a day when the rest of the boats in the sound struggled. No mention of this in the report though. thats all right. Nothing new. The key to our success is that we dont fish a lot of big wrecks. We fish silted pieces that barely rise more than a foot off the bottom. The results speak for themselves and fishing the soft pieces often yield far better catches than most of the big wrecks. Myself and the crew try to explain this but many are not used to our area and in particular the spots which I fish. I often laugh as everyone first tells us that they are in the mud, that is until blackfish start flying over the rails. We are aware at all times exactly where everyones sinker is landing in relation to the piece. Assistance from the customers to ascertain this information is not necessary, though it is constantly offerd freely by many blackfisherman...... I guess because they fear that the crew may not know what they are doing. Where I fish is very different than the south shore and a place like 17 fathoms for example. I constantly watch the south shore guys casting around bouncing their sinker all over the place looking for some big chunk of hard bottom. Most of our pieces you hardly feel a thing but as many of our customers can attest, that doesnt mean that we are not exactly where we want to be and that the spot doesnt hold big blackfish. In fact on the particular day in question, we landed almost 100 keepers on one wreck and did not loose a rig! Interesting. If lots of hard bottom and rig loss is what you are looking for, then the south shore is definetely going to provide that better than where I fish. I wish I could have got everyone all over to the other side of the boat where the bite was much better, but Im glad you realized that we were trying our best in the most difficult of conditions. Hopefully next time you will be on the good side of the boat. Next year, we are most likely going to limit the amount of fares so that no one will miss out on a good bite, but until then we will just keep trying our best to make it work for everyone. If anyone is interested, the mud tog are still biting very well and we are planning to fish at least through December 5. Give a call if you want to join us. Desmond

Joined: 05/10/2002
Posts: 4090
Location: Howard Beach
 11/25/2004 11:17 PM  

Desi, Sorry if anything I said was offensive to you. I meant absolutely no dis-respect to you or your crew... However, I need to make one correction. I did mention in my original post that the conditions for anchoring were tough and I also stated that the stern and opposite side of the boat did pretty good with "many" nice fish coming up. One thing about my reports, they are honest and accurate. As for what the other boats on the sound did that day, I am not privvy to that info... In retrospect, I think I should have done some things different that day that would have improved my success. First thing is I should have mugged someone on the other side of the boat (like many of our fellow Noreast members suggest). However, four guys from our side of the boat had already done that and there just was no room. Also, that is not my style because it is unfair to the other fares on the boat that woke up extra early to obtain good spots. However, I think it is very admirable of you to admit that you wish you could have gotten everyone on the "wrong" side of the boat over to the side that was experiencing a "much better" bite. Not many captains would have said that. The idea that you will limit the amount of fares next season so everyone can participate in a good bite only expounds my main point. The entire boat was not on productive bottom. I like to think that I learn at least one lesson from every trip I make and this trip was no different... I also think that my inability to catch fish that day was purely my fault. I obviously did not bring my A-Game. Actually, our whole side of the boat forgot their A-Game. I think fishing the south shore with all that hard bottom has clouded my judgement because I used to think I was a pretty decent tog fisherman. Now I am beginning to realize that I have plenty left to learn... Hey, I know you are in a tough business. I have been on many boats that could not get situated on much bigger pieces. Like I said, you did your best to put all of us on the meat. Much more than many captains would have done. I appreciate the job you do and I wish you all the luck in the future.


Joined: 02/05/2003
Posts: 1017
Location: A-TEAM Sniper Division
 11/26/2004 10:54 AM  

I have fished 6 times this season, 2 blow outs one turn around 3one trip, 5 one trip 10 another, I have shown up various times fished the bow, the stern, the port there's no telling where the fish is gonna come up on on that day. last trip, the pool fish came up from the bow. there's no way you can judge this boat going out on only one trip. second of all, once you have one of those CQ awesome days, landing 15 and only keeping the limit, you'll understand why this boat and these group of guys who run it, are the best! desi is a great captain, if not the best. i've been sailing with him ever since he was anchoring up the viking fleet in montauk. he has more experience for his age than any captain out there. do yourself a favor, give this boat 2 or 3 chances and i'm sure you'll be raving about it, like everybody else. this boat only attracts the type of excellent fishermen we tend to know, as sharpies now. i'm going monday again. can't wait to go. also, desi is one hell of a fisherman. hope he has the time to drop a line in and hang out with us. till then, happy thanksgiving everybody! tight lines the veteran

Joined: 10/27/2004
Posts: 119
Location: Port Jefferson
 11/26/2004 11:19 AM  


Joined: 06/14/2004
Posts: 16
 11/27/2004 12:28 AM  

I know where your coming from I've been on party boats where only one side is catching, and the other side is getting balls. The best way to fish blackfish is on private boats where you don't need to be throwing elbows to get in the action. Party boat tog fishing has a lot to do with luck in hoping your side gets over the piece or not. I believe though for the price, the captain should of made sure that everyone was at least in the action and not standing there twiddling there thumbs in hopes of passing over structure. It sounds like the guy knows what he's doing though and you gotta give him credit for that, tog fishing isn't an easy business.

Joined: 05/10/2002
Posts: 4090
Location: Howard Beach
 11/27/2004 02:41 AM  

Man I had no idea that my post would create such an interest. Just want to say, no disrespect to Desi. The guy is a hard working, smart captain and I have plenty of respect for him and his crew. I see that he has 6 openings for Saturday (the 27th) and since the weather looks good in the morning I am pretty shocked that he has so many spots. It makes me wonder if this post had something to do with it. I sincerely hope not. Like I said, it was more my fault than anyone elses. I left my touch in Queens that day... Thanks everyone for your input!

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