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Date posted November 19, 2003 8:51 PM
Posted by FlukeLover
Report location New York > Debs/Jones > West Bar
Fishing method Boat
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Went out this afternoon as the co-pilot on the "My Little Lady." Cap'n Fred and I started out drifting eels all over the inlet and back bays for about an hour or two. We were drifting along the inlet beach just east of the coast guard station, when we saw a surfcaster frantically waving his arm, as if we were too close to shore and were going to get tangled with his line. After a minute or so, we realized he was pointing to something south towards the mouth of the inlet. It took a few seconds of scanning the horizon, and WOW, there they were. The mother of all flocks of birds, working the west bar area. We immediately reeled up and headed for the bar. The closer we got, the bigger the flock grew. Unfortunetly, so did the swell. As we arrived on the scene, it was a performance only mother nature could put on. Every species of bird was represented, they were everywhere, literally hundreds of them. Some were floating as if they were resting, some hovering, and most diving down picking the baitfish that were close to the surface. Fish were breaking water EVERYWHERE.

As we were looking for our path to drift, the clouds broke, and the sun came through. We were looking southeast at the birds diving into the white water of the breakers with the beautiful backdrop of the golden sky. What a site! Cap'n Fred got the boat turned aroud into position and the drift started. His second cast and, BANG! He's into a nice bass. The waves were 4-5 foot. Some almost breaking over us. Couldn't leave this awsome display of action, so on the second drift, I hooked up my own. The 26.5" bass made for a nice fight on light tackle. We were both using 1.5 ounce diamond jigs with white tubes. Shortly after, on the 3rd drift, I hooked into a respectable blue who spit the hook up just at the boat.

The swell was getting too big, as the winds kept picking up. We decided to respect mother nature and headed back in. What a shame to leave such an amazing site.

As we slowly made it past the coast guard station, I saw the surfcaster who gave us the tip, and I gave hime a wave, and a tip of my cap. The End

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Joined: 08/30/2002
Posts: 940
Location: Smithtown, NY
 11/19/2003 09:49 PM  

Great story Fluke. That's what makes this sport so great; even if your not catching, just being able to see Mother Nature in action is breathtaking. -SmithtwonJoe-

Joined: 08/23/2003
Posts: 13
Location: Levittown
 11/19/2003 10:17 PM  

Correction- We were looking southwest at the birds diving, and were drifting west of the CGS.

Joined: 05/07/2003
Posts: 140
Location: Bushkill Pa.
 11/20/2003 01:08 AM  

I was fishing the rocks round westend2 saw the very same thing and darn near dropped. They were there quite a while too.

Enjoy the moment

Joined: 11/06/2003
Posts: 83
 11/20/2003 06:08 AM  

Next time you go bird watching, bring a compass! LOL! "Every species of birds...?? Were there any Yellow Bellied Sap Suckers?

Joined: 10/22/2003
Posts: 67
 11/20/2003 07:28 AM  

Man, I'd love to see a video or photo of that

Joined: 08/01/2001
Posts: 1537
Location: Jones Inlet
 11/20/2003 09:21 AM  

Flukelover, That is a great story, I've seen similar scenes in that exact spot in years past. You really brought back a great memory for me. I rememeber seeing the same kind of scene with my buddy B4Sunup one fall morning a couple of years ago, minus the sun. The fish were all over, in the breaking waves on the bar. Not a real safe place to fish in those conditions. We were able to position the boat outside of the breakers, and cast into them. We must of had 10-15 bass each, in about an hour. Like you, we could have kept trying, but it wasn't worth dying for. But what a site!!

Help keep the right to fish and the fish alive!

Joined: 07/28/2003
Posts: 3
 11/20/2003 08:08 PM  

hey which one of you stinkin landlubbers booted first? Cap'n Fred has been known to get sea sick in the shower.

Joined: 10/10/2003
Posts: 4
 11/20/2003 09:45 PM  

dalybone you are absolutely right. they didnt come in because of the swells capt fred and mate probly were both getting sick.raaaaaaaalph!!!!!

Joined: 08/23/2003
Posts: 13
Location: Levittown
 11/20/2003 10:01 PM  

Hey macson, How many bonine did you take on the big montauk trip? LOL. Too bad you and dalybone weren't there too participate. Maybe this weekend.

Joined: 10/10/2003
Posts: 4
 11/21/2003 05:19 PM  

flukelover,if i remember you were a little pale in the face to .ill see you at freds and my boat at 6:00 am sat morning.and we will see who's got the biggest fish when we pull into dock lol!!

Joined: 10/30/2002
Posts: 103
 11/21/2003 07:54 PM  

Flukelover, It take a sagacious man to turn back with fish all over-nice decision.Live to fish another day! SNAGGLETOOTH
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