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Date posted November 19, 2003 6:31 PM
Report location New York > Fire Island > RM - back side
Fishing method Surf
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Went to RM this afternoon 4-5:30. Very windy on Ocean side. unfishable. I tried the "back side" for a while, NADA. The only bait I saw were what looked like small spearing close to the rock piles. Does anyone have experience fishing this area?

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Joined: 09/27/2003
Posts: 33
 11/19/2003 10:57 PM  

I was at RM #2 this morning around 10ish and both sides were unfishable.....The ocean side was WAY too windy....The back side was too weedy.... As far as the rock piles go, I found that i would get snagged on the rocks if I reeled in too slow....

Joined: 11/16/2003
Posts: 4
Location: Bay Shore
 11/20/2003 08:46 AM  

FISHERMAT----------The back area by the Jette is good when the fish are blitzing . If you throw bait out expect lots of weed. If your plugin or casting rubber shad, expect to cast alot before you hook up,,,,,unless the fish are blitzing. I hooked into 12 Bass on 11/11 at 6AM off the Jette ,,,6" rubber shad ,,,,all were schoolies 19"-23",,,blitz lasted an hour. Black fishing is good in this area, seems that they are at the eastern point of the Jette, crabs work better then clams as the beagals destroy the clams in 2 seconds. I was wondering if you drove through lakes to get to the back area at 5PM. I was airing the tires up at that time and happy that I made it out of there. May The Fish Be With You. Ahm-min

Joined: 08/12/2003
Posts: 62
Location: Blue Point, NY
 11/20/2003 09:47 AM  

BIGONE - I was on foot. I parked in the western most parking lot (#2,I think) and hiked across. I was fishing very close to the entrance to the 4X4 area - atop a bunch of pieces oof concrete. I hope this weather breaks soon.
Captain Bob

Joined: 04/15/2002
Posts: 11
 11/20/2003 09:59 AM  

Sound like you were in the back side of RM2. Upon entering the 4 wheel drive area you are by the concrete with wire supporting it. You have to go down pretty far to the black fish area. Usually there are a couple of fisherpersons by themselves. This is the black fish area.I have seen boats drifting very close to the beach picking up stripers and blues.
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