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Date posted November 19, 2003 12:52 PM
Posted by Capt Desmond
Report location New York > North Shore > Celtic Quest
Fishing method Boat
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Blackfishing has been very good the last two days since things have settled down from the hard winds from a few days ago.

Sunday, the bite was definitely off after the blow. The fish were very picky, though 15 anglers did manage 45-50 keepers for the day with a few fish 7-8 lbs.

Monday saw a steady bite most of the day as 22 anglers caught close to their limit of blackfish to 9 lbs.

Tuesday was also very good as 18 anglers had over 150 keepers with several big fish over 8 lbs.

We did not sail today due to the weather but hopefully we will be out again soon as the conditions improve.

Check out our web site to see some recent photos of some big blackfish!


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Leprechaun Club Member

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Joined: 08/11/2000
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Location: Wantagh/Seaford, N.Y.
 11/19/2003 08:42 PM  

Hi Desi - its Leprechaun. I've been thinking hard about all that I saw on the Monday trip and first off I have to say never have I seen a single-screw boat run more efficiently than yours. Excellent work getting us right on those pieces, no easy task in that boat, I know because I also run a single-screw inboard. Your crew is excellent and very attentive to the customers - ALWAYS right there to help with anything at all. Also - the bottom you fish on is very different than anything we have here on the western South Shore. It feels like hard tiny little pieces surrounded by silt. Bounce the sinker around in the silt till you find a hard piece and let the bait rest on it and bingo, a fish. Leave the bait 6" off the hard stuff right next to it and not a nibble. I found that fascinating, 6-12" making a difference. If I didn't own my own rig, I'd fish with you every weekend, and that's no small compliment coming from me. Good Luck to you for the rest of the season. rgds -

"Hi, my name is Pete and I have a fishing gear problem."
strip Club Member

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Joined: 02/16/2001
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 11/20/2003 12:26 PM  

Hi Desi Great trip Monday Quite a feat putting us on fish all day like you did in those conditions we had.....bravo.
Capt Desmond

Joined: 02/11/2002
Posts: 238
Location: Montauk
 11/20/2003 06:45 PM  

Thanks guys. That was a great trip despite the conditions and Im glad it all worked out for the best. That was very kind of George to do that for everyone. Very happy he chose my boat to take all of you out on. And thank God the fish bite well!! See you soon Des
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