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Date posted April 24, 2003 10:42 PM
Posted by skatemaster
Report location New York > New York Bight > Karen Ann charterboat - Jamaica Bay/Raritan Bay
Fishing method Boat
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The sea was angry that day…….

Skatemaster, Baywatch and Meirowitz set sail today on a 3 hr tour (actually a half day trip) on the Karen Ann out of Howard Beach. The targets were flatties and stripers. We had a nice pick of flounder and the stripers were thick, but not hungry and we didn’t get many in the boat. Covered an incredible amount of territory (70 miles?), and got to test the waters in both Raritan and Jamaica Bays. These guys are hardcore and fun, and if you like that combined with extremely reasonable rates and a location 25 minutes from the Midtown tunnel, you just found a new boat to try. Captain Vin is a riot and Mate Mike was great as well, and put up with all of our silliness (so Mike, what do sandworms eat?)

Conditions today were very tough, in between 5 days of easterlies, a big drop in water temps, and a steady 25kt wind resulting in Romer Shoals looking more like a white-water rafting scene. Be warned, our “half-day” trip returned after 7 hours of hardcore fishing. I am looking forward to part deux. The bunker are around, and the sequel looks like a blockbuster. The Karen Ann specializes in cow stripers on live bunker. How good are they, well I heard a rumour that Baywatch was considering a switch to Team Brooklyn if he can line these guys up for T3.

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Joined: 10/10/2001
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Location: Cape Coral, Fl. was LI for 52 Yrs
 04/25/2003 04:48 PM  

Lets not start a riot here. Ditto on Capt and the mate.The conditions really where awful. Lost 3 degress in 2 days for the water temp and S/M 25 MPH was more like 30 with gust to 35. It was honkin for sure. I will give em another shot and a 1/2 day does turn into anywhere from 5 -6 hours with ease. Bill

Joined: 05/30/2002
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Location: Sheepshead bay
 04/25/2003 11:44 PM  

Bill Even though the conditions were lousy I wished I could have made it. A lousy day fishing beats some DR. sticking his finger where the light don't shine and than giving you a bill for it. LOL Sam

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