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Date posted April 16, 2003 8:17 PM
Posted by blasko
Report location New York > Debs/Jones > long beach
Fishing method Surf
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Was down at long beach behind the Sands beach club on beech steet yesterday. Small group of birds working bait along the bar. Didnt have my gear. Went back this morning 5-630am. Top of the incoming little to no wind from sw. At dawn had one small fish on a kastmaster & dropped it. Had another pick up which was some what bigger-maybe 8-10lbs when the rod snapped. end of story. If you can get access, fish and bait are there.

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Joined: 05/20/2002
Posts: 1048
 04/16/2003 09:46 PM  

Rod snapped????Good to see ya gettin out.
Bass Man 1

Joined: 03/22/2002
Posts: 580
Location: Sound Beach
 04/17/2003 07:02 AM  

Maybe I should buy you a rod for your birthday! Good job, I've been fishing for the last two weeks, no bass yet.

Live to Fish!  Fish to Live!

Joined: 10/29/2002
Posts: 68
 04/17/2003 07:54 AM  

Blasko, What's the problem with access? I've never fished the Long Beach area but would like to try it this season. The closest I've come to that area is the Silver Pt Jetty area. Is there parking and access? I fish alone mostly so if You don't want to answer here you can email me at [email protected] . I would appreciate any help I can get. I've been fishing J-Bay by small boat but they took away my ramp so I'll be doing a lot more wading this season. Good fishin! ciao!

Joined: 11/25/2001
Posts: 469
 04/17/2003 09:13 PM  

Yeah jpf, broke half way up. It was that star rod the guy gave me for pulling him out of the ocean a few years ago. About access, I'm not sure of any parking nearby I was working at one of the Beach clubs-LBC-so I went in early before work. Go by and check out the place,see if they'll let your park before the beach season opens.Hint: the guy drinks bud lite

Joined: 04/23/2003
Posts: 34
 04/23/2003 12:13 PM  

I've caught plenty of keepers in that area over the years. I have not been out there this year but plan to stop at Joe Gullo's BAIT & TACKLE and then set off to the Beach sometime this week.
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