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Date posted April 13, 2003 11:10 PM
Posted by flounderjoe
Report location New York > Fire Island > state channel
Fishing method Boat
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well with hopes of the sun on our side gave flounders a try insted of trout.fished the state channel by babylon water temp at flood tide ths morning was 42 deg.and climbed to 47.5 halfway though the ebb thank god for the sun.Results were 4 flounders from 12.5 to 17.5 inches one for my son (which he insisted on releasing 3 for my brother none for me.So much for my screen name... tight lines...

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Joined: 08/18/2001
Posts: 783
Location: pequa
 04/14/2003 11:06 AM  

When you say State Channel do you mean out near Oak Island, Thaganus Thatch etc. or the East West Channel up near the mainland? Just wondering if despite the cold water the fish are in the south of the bay too.

Nah, probably just the bottom again...

Joined: 04/12/2003
Posts: 428
Location: mastic, ny
 04/15/2003 02:08 AM  

wondering the same thing that inspite the water temps the fish are following thier seasonal migration patterns.we fished between oak island and frank and dicks.though 4 flounders is not enough to prove our points the fish were nice and fat and bit aggressively.will try the south beacharea and mussel beds next week to see if we can catch up to the larger female fish that seem to split first.ithas happened before while the fleet is still fishing the flats and drains we hade them all to ourselves there dispite the water temps...
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