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Date posted October 27, 2002 12:07 AM
Posted by blasko
Report location New York > Moriches > smiths point
Fishing method Surf
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just got back from smiths point with nothing to report because the place was closed. we need a site that will post access and closure of state and county locations. probably too much to ask of our over burdened local govt agencies. yet my taxes keep going up with the price of gas. no wonder i cant afford a boat.maybe i should sell my rods and buy a fish tank. probably a steep luxury tax on those as well. just thought i'd complain since i cant fish.

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Joined: 05/20/2002
Posts: 1048
 10/27/2002 08:49 AM  

Why's it closed now?

Joined: 04/07/2002
Posts: 98
 10/27/2002 10:11 AM  

All this for the privelige of PURCHASING an outer beach permit I agree. Ive purchased the permit to use the outer beach. Because of priorities, I do not get to use it often, however, today was going to be one of those days ( ps .thanks for the heads up !! )

Joined: 06/04/2001
Posts: 79
Location: East Meadow NY
 10/27/2002 12:09 PM  

Was just heading out there to fish the outgoing. Called the booth [631-852-1315] and they say the beach is washed out. Why is Burma Road still closed? The guy at the booth said it will not open at all today. If you head there call first.

LIBBA #1350

Joined: 05/20/2002
Posts: 1048
 10/27/2002 03:47 PM  

I guess the East winds really brought the tide up.NNW should bring it back down,I'm hopeing it's open tommorrow,orelse I'll just have to drive a little further.

Joined: 05/11/2002
Posts: 240
Location: central LI
 10/27/2002 04:25 PM  

i guess you mean the 4x4 thing. well hey i cant even afford a 4x4 so it could be worst!
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