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Date posted August 10, 2002 10:32 PM
Posted by jpfsurf
Report location New York > Montauk > S.Side
Fishing method Surf
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Last year I went to the Huntington hilton surf seminar,Bill Wetzel was talking Montauk, me growing up fishing & camping shag all 20 of my 27 years.This was very usefull.So I decided to book a charter with him,I love the new moon in we planed on the evening of the 10th.12am-6a.msat.I knew very little about the south side,parked at camp hero,& waaaaaaalked aways,stoped one spot,not a bump,then found my rock for the duration of the evening,my buddy had a 25lber & had a nice hookup,pulling drag like a big boy then somehow spit the hook,shit happens sometimes.Right at day break I got into a little group of hungry bass 3 in a row,but lost the third,after a quick leap,my biggest was 17lbs.

I just want you to Know I met bill one time before this trip,if I did not catch a single fish last night I still would've walked off the beach with a big smile,The amount of stuff I learned last night,from bill was unbelievable,bill Knows were these fish are at any givin time or tide.

The Knowledge bill has for Montauk is unbelievable,I can't wait for the fall run,I will do it again.

If you were to charter a boat,you have the mate & captain,bill is all in one,he ties your line, puts on your eels,takes off your fish,carries all gear,ex.your fish & puts you on fish.I am far from a newby to the sport,You know the saying"you learn something new everyday"well shit,the amount I learned in six hours is unbelievable,& we caught fish too,Just to say how hard bill worked last night he had very little time to fish himself(do to me loading up to hard slinging eels,I lost 6 eels just casting)

First time useing VAN STALL,but after I got used to it it was ok.And bill it was nice to sit down & shoot more shit with you & bob over breakfast.

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Joined: 02/26/2002
Posts: 68
 08/10/2002 11:58 PM  

Great post

Joined: 09/16/2001
Posts: 198
Location: Houston
 08/11/2002 09:45 AM  

Ditto for me. I fish with Bill about 6 times a year and its not enough. Its like going to graduate school. My only complaint is that everytime I fish with him I go buy more toys...not that I really need encouragement.

Joined: 05/20/2002
Posts: 1048
 08/11/2002 04:14 PM  

Thanxs guy's,Bill told me he will be at the upcoming shows,& will have his own booth.& doing alot of speaking.He is so informative,does not hide a thing.

Joined: 01/09/2001
Posts: 737
 08/11/2002 08:32 PM  

Wow- Thanks a lot! Thats very kind. I did alright the next night too after getting a little sleep. Had I got less sleep I probably would have done better yet.--Bill

Bill Wetzel NYS Licensed Guide
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