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Date posted July 14, 2002 5:56 PM
Posted by B.Attitude
Report location New York > Debs/Jones > Compass Rose
Fishing method Offshore
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My friend Charlie and I did an overnighter last night at the Rose for some sharking.We set up about 2 miles southwest of the center.As soon as it got dark all hell broke out,first the squid arrived under the lights.Minutes later the first mako pup showed up.Within the first hour we released 4 pups from 30 lbs to about 80 lbs. Then a few huge bluefish were taken.About two hours later I spotted an 8 ft mako crashing through our slick on a mission.I was letting down a fresh bluefish fillet on my middle rod when all of a sudden it ripped off line.I set the hook on him and he took to the air five times within 100 ft of the boat.It was wild in the dark.I passed the rod to my friend so that I can start up the boat to keep the fish behind the boat when the line went slack.He must of kinked the wire while jumping around.I shouldn't of giving him that much slack.Later while my eyes were closed my friend Charlie live lined a 8-9 lb blue.It took two hours before that rod went wild but somehow the mono snapped and the fish went free.Charlie showed me the line and it was frayed pretty bad.Wonder if it was a whiptail?Later we seen another nice mako(about 6 ft) free jumping but never took a bait.When the sun came up the drift died the action was over except for two big bluesharks around noon.Nice night out.All fish were released or they released themselves.Bait was mac's and bluefish fillets,water was green and 69-71 degrees.


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