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Date posted October 20, 2019 8:29 PM
Posted by Jillybird
Report location New York > Fire Island > Captain Gillen - Capt. Tony worked extra hard to find the fish
Fishing method Boat
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First time for me on the Capt. Gillen. I took the 11 am trip today to try to beat the rain. The early morning trip came in with poor results, just a couple of fish had been caught. I had fished yesterday out of Moriches running along the beach, so I knew the bass were very scattered and generally small.

Well, the boat headed east, and for the first several hours, we worked some bunker pods with little luck. Just a bunch of hated dogfish, now known as "Cape shark," lol, to put lipstick on a pig. A new name makes them no less loathsome.

The captain kept working his way east, and it looked like the clock would run out on this trip. But no, Capt. Tony wouldn't give up. He announced he hoped we didn't have dinner plans because we'd be staying out late. Just when he normally would have headed for the barn, he found some fish. We began jigging up bass.

Scattered keepers and eventually loads of schoolies were caught, and the captain pressed onward. I myself caught 7 short bass and a shad. I believe about 15 keepers were caught on the boat along with a couple of blues and a bonito.

We got back to the dock at 6:15 pm, a full 2 1/4 hours late. This captain did a terrific job making lemonade out of lemons. The crew was great too. Great job guys.

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