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Date posted November 4, 2018 11:02 PM
Posted by Jillybird
Report location New York > Western Sound > Mamaroneck - Tog on Fire - Keepers Hard to Find
Fishing method Boat
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Finally -- after several weeks of miserable and windy weather, I had a beautiful, sunny, and light wind day in the Western Sound today. Only I shouldn't be on the Western Sound on the Jillybird right now. Two weeks ago, I was supposed to be on my way south to sunny Florida with the boat, but we couldn't find a decent weather window to get down to Norfolk and at least be able to run down the ICW.

Based on the current weather forecast, this Thursday looks like a go. So today, I went fishing up here. First up, young Max and I took his little Scout out and searched for some bass on the inside where they had been blowing up a couple of days ago. No dice.

So we switched boats, and went on my Stamas for some tog. We dragged my dock mate John out, and headed away from the massive fleet set up off of Mamaroneck and Rye.

I cannot stand togging in the middle of a scrum of boats. My "secret" spot still had two boats on it, but I managed to squeeze onto a good piece. As soon as my jig hit bottom, it was tog on. And the bite stayed hot the entire time we were there. We wound up with well over 100 tog in less than 2 hours fishing. The only problem, as usual, was the fish maxed out at 15 inches.

We weren't planning on keeping any, but it's still much nicer to catch keepers. At least the action was insanely hot. We fished in 17 feet of water. If we had some more time, I would have moved around a bit and tried to find some bigger fish.

But what a beautiful day out on the Sound. All was good until I returned to my slip to find another boat tied up there with nobody home and all the other slips filled as well. First time in 17 years at the marina that this has happened to me. Eerggh!

In other Jillybird news, my son, Captain Wylie, is selling his Robalo 246 Cayman bay boat and buying a 31 Contender with twin 2015 Yamaha 300s for his Miami charter business. We close on the Contender on Tuesday, and Captain Wylie will be using the "new" boat on his charters beginning Thursday of this week.

That's great because it has been a windy Fall in South Florida, and he had to cancel a number of trips because the Robalo couldn't comfortably handle the rough seas. The 31 Contender is much better suited to the offshore kite fishing that Capt. Wylie specializes in just off the reef off of Miami. And the sailfish are showing up in good numbers with the last two cold fronts coming through this week. So anyone heading in that direction, give him at call at 914-874-9697.

I'm looking forward to some bigger tog and striped bass jigging in the Western Sound once I finish with the Florida run.

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Joined: 04/17/2002
Posts: 752
Location: mass. cove
 11/05/2018 07:07 AM  

safe trip south cap on the Pursuit

Joined: 09/21/2017
Posts: 6
Location: Merrick
 11/05/2018 08:20 AM  

Have fun and catch 'em all the way south!

Joined: 11/19/2010
Posts: 1047
Location: Sent via the ISS landline.
 11/05/2018 12:10 PM  

Safe trip Jilly.
Have fun on your run.

Joined: 11/22/2004
Posts: 8
Location: Westport
 11/05/2018 04:44 PM  

Safe trip south and tell Wylie, good luck with the Contender. He got me my PB 42" striper this year and I'm hoping to take him up on some sailfish on the new boat. Best. Ron
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