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Date posted September 24, 2018 4:05 PM
Posted by yellowsinker
Report location New York > Moriches > Bay/East Cut
Fishing method Boat
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Tried late in the season fluke fishing out in Moriches on a Skiff yesterday. Tide start of outgoing, water, clean, SKY cloudy with a bit of rain. Myself and three grandsons fished East Cut by Elbow down to RV area for just a few shorts and a dozen or two robins. One keeper dropped before net could get under it. Did not see any keepers pulled up in the dozen or so boats fishing there. Also triggers seem to be gone. Note bay including cuts is literally covered with small blowfish that will eat everything to the bone including plastics and gulp. Never seen so many blows in all my years fishing out there. Also they are thick in all the bays on the south shore including piers at Jones Beach. NOTE: Three trips for fluke in Moriches this summer-No keepers - never happened before in all my years fishing there which are a lot.

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Joined: 04/18/2005
Posts: 128
 09/24/2018 05:29 PM  

It was definitely an off year for fluke. Very slow on the north shore as well.

Joined: 10/21/2007
Posts: 51
 09/24/2018 07:05 PM  


I happened to fish same area on same day. I had the outgoing to the slack to the onset of the incoming. we had numerous shorts and Sundials, and managed one keeper. Blowfish all over, but small.

Joined: 07/03/2018
Posts: 5
 09/24/2018 08:03 PM  

Overall I had my best year ever Fluking in the back bays, but agreed on the recent action. Fished about 24 hours over the past 1.5 weeks and had about 7 shorts. All tides, all locations. Saw one boat pull in a 22”. Ironically the best action I had two weeks ago was deep in Hart’s on a northeast wind with outgoing tide. Hooked into about 10 fluke in an hour topped off with a 24”, 5 lb fattie. I will say the conditions have been terrible with the churned up ocean, dredging, and east winds. Don’t count out one last shot if conditions improve.

Joined: 07/10/2007
Posts: 231
Location: Moriches
 09/24/2018 09:06 PM  

Another bad year of fluking in Moriches this year... last year was mostly sea Robbins swarming the baits and short fluke... I've been fishing Moriches bay and inlet since 98 and the fluking is definitely pale in comparison to the way it was 5,10 or 15 years ago...


Joined: 08/20/2007
Posts: 25
Location: Orient
 09/24/2018 09:27 PM  

I fished there more then 10 times this year and got 1 5 lber and some just keepers. Like you guys lots off shorts and sea robins. My Mom used to tell me when you get a lot of lemons make lemonade, so I figured I got a lot of sea robins would make sea robin soup. Man is it delicious. So next time you fish take a few and give it a try.

Yaked out into the Sound by Orient on outgoing tide. Fish were slapping all over the surface as the sun sank. Drifted a live eel and was rewarded with a 37in bass. Life is beautiful.

Joined: 03/27/2002
Posts: 421
Location: Mattituck, NY
 09/25/2018 10:59 AM  


OK so what is the Recipe for
Sea Robin Soup

Joined: 07/22/2007
Posts: 171
Location: Up on cripple creek, East Moriches
 09/27/2018 10:02 PM  

fluke on top

fished the elbow the same day, top of outgoing. Throwing rubber hoping for a bass and had a 22" fluke. The only hit of the day...except for the blow fish who have now moved into first place in the "pain in the ass" category.
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