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Date posted August 4, 2018 8:46 PM
Posted by beachbuggyeric
Report location New York > Central South Shore
Fishing method Surf
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Chunking at beginning of outgoing tide today. First hookup bent rod hard, line peeling off fast. Fish pulling hard even after slowing him down a little by increasing drag. Gained a little line, he peeled off again. This went on for about 15-20 minutes. Thought I had it worn out as it got closer to the lip then the line broke off at the leader about 6 inches from where the hook would have been. My guess is s shark.

Next cast rod gets hit hard fish stripping line. This one was clearly a big ray. When it got tired it buried itself to rest. No rest for me as I tried to keep pressure on and gain some line whenever the opportunity arose. Tug of war was rough. This fish had the advantage. Every time I gained 20 or 30 yards it took back 30 or 40. Finally it close to where the waves were breaking and had renewed hope. Snapped off at the main line.

My arms are tired and sore.

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Joined: 05/06/2009
Posts: 180
 08/05/2018 02:58 PM  

Has been an a year of the Rays. All sizes and sharks are hanging right behind them.


Joined: 09/14/2003
Posts: 43
Location: babylon
 08/05/2018 06:48 PM  

Those rays are tough and hard on gear. Just wondering what your set up was when you landed that one.

a jerk on one end of a line waiting for a jerk on the other
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