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Date posted November 30, 2017 12:13 AM
Posted by Jillybird
Report location New York > Fire Island > Fine Fall Afternoon on the Fire Island Fishfinder
Fishing method Boat
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Tomorrow morning my son heads back to Miami, so this afternoon we tried the friendly FishFinder out of Captree on its noon bass jigging trip. Because of the extraordinary bassing the past few weeks and the great weather today, the boat was packed. I mean it was hard to squeeze space at the rails. Fortunately, a really great group of anglers was aboard today, and everyone cooperated. Tangles were remarkably few, and the terrific mates were quickly at hand.

On to the fishing. On our drive to Captree along Ocean Parkway, we saw loads of birds working all the way down Jones Beach. So we were a bit surprised when we headed east out the inlet. And we kept going east for a long while -- to Ocean Beach -- before we finally found some decent bird activity. The bite started out with some really small schoolies. And they were moving so fast that we could only catch a couple before the boat had to move and find them again.

As the afternoon progressed, the bite got better and better and the size of the bass got bigger and bigger. Some keepers started coming aboard. As the sun got lower in the sky, the heavy action started in earnest, and most of the keepers were caught in the last hour along with loads of short bass.

The crew was kept hopping all over the place, and Captain Walt kept dispensing his wisdom: "Drop your rig to the bottom and turn the handle. Don't jig up and down. You won't catch any fish. That a boy, ladies!"

By the end of the trip -- which last until the sun had disappeared, everyone had caught multiple bass -- my son and I each had about 15, with my son nabbing two keepers (ORL). The boat probably limited out on keepers, with hundreds of bass released. I didn't see any dogfish caught, which is a big change from my last trip on Saturday. No blues, either. Just loads and loads of bass. What could be better.

We had a super time talking with our new friends all around us. What a great bunch of guys and gals came out on the gorgeous day for some great fishing. Thanks Captain Walt and crew for a memorable trip.

Join the crowds while this amazing jigging bite continues. It's going to be a long winter so make some memories.

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Captain Michael Potts
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Joined: 10/01/2001
Posts: 16885
Location: ><)))):> ~~ THE JAMAICA BAY TRIANGLE ~~ <:))))><
 11/30/2017 07:08 AM  

jilly what a blast,, way to do it up,,,, ><(((:>



Joined: 11/17/2011
Posts: 15
 11/30/2017 08:23 AM  

Yes Jilly it was an enjoyable day and the last hour results was welcomed. I was directly next to you on your right with my wife , daughter and friend. Regards to your son and his safe trip back Miami.
Also , remember to " reel the line and not jerk it" and that phrase "Atta boy girl". !SmileSmile

This post edited by Joefisk 08:26 AM 11/30/2017

Joined: 09/12/2006
Posts: 103
Location: W. Islip
 11/30/2017 08:37 AM  


Hey fisherman thanks for the great report. I can only imagine the crowd. It is great when the people cooperate even better when the fish cooperate. I will be heading out late day today to get some of my own. No crowds though on my vessel.
Tight lines and calm seas...

"Man must know his limitations"

Joined: 09/03/2001
Posts: 2260
Location: Mamaroneck
 11/30/2017 08:54 AM  

Joe, great meeting you yesterday. Your daughter really showed you how to fish! Fun time.

Joined: 03/29/2001
Posts: 982
Location: Port Washington
 11/30/2017 12:43 PM  

What type and size jigs seem to be working best?


Joined: 09/03/2001
Posts: 2260
Location: Mamaroneck
 11/30/2017 01:29 PM  

We're using mostly silver hammered diamond jigs with green tubes in about the 3 ounce size. With these super-crowded party boat conditions, you want your jig to get straight down to the bottom as fast as possible to minimize the chance of tangles. These jigs are probably a bit heavier than you'd use for these small bass on a private boat.

I'm not sure a tube is needed. Some guys are finding that gold hammered diamond jigs are producing well, especially in lower light conditions as the sun is going down. In fact, after I got cut off late yesterday afternoon, the mate put on a golden hammered diamond jig and my hook ups increased substantially.

But whatever you use, just get out there now. This bite can't last much longer. And the seas are going to be flat for the next several days.

This post edited by Jillybird 01:30 PM 11/30/2017

Joined: 11/01/2013
Posts: 36
Location: Wantagh, NY / Lindenhurst, NY
 11/30/2017 02:11 PM  

Great report, thanks. Ocean Beach always did well for me when I fished out of FI, but now I'm out of Jones. I still go just east out of the inlet to the pencil though. I hear a lot of folks heading west to the pink hotel but I have to say, I have picked up a keeper on every trip I've made to the pencil so far.

Joined: 12/10/2004
Posts: 1916
Location: East Moriches
 12/02/2017 02:35 AM  


Had the same result as you near Moriches, a couple of days later.
All Bass, using Jigs. No Dogs. No Blues.
Keepers went for live SPOT! -Captain Jan.

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