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Date posted November 18, 2017 4:05 PM
Posted by shipofools
Report location New York > Moriches > What's wrong with this picture?
Fishing method Boat
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Fished first half of ebb, mostly outside til the wind really started to blow. 3 jumbo Robin's on clams in 45 ft. and 36 degrees outside!Nada on the jig. Plugged the bay for nada. What happened to the fall run in Moriches?

Jumbo birds

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 11/18/2017 07:30 PM  




Joined: 07/04/2006
Posts: 298
 11/18/2017 07:50 PM  

they were hitting my sp minnow at night last week in back of inlet they are good eating, tried some this past summer , they are a delicacy in europe

Joined: 03/01/2007
Posts: 28
 11/18/2017 08:10 PM  

You know how chicken tastes?

Well Sea Robin doesn't taste anything like that.
They taste more like Bluefish,HOWEVER if you want to smoke them and shred the meat it makes a mighty fine dip.

Joined: 07/10/2007
Posts: 231
Location: Moriches
 11/18/2017 09:35 PM  

Only had one good outing this fall .... the bass seemed to have skirted right past Moriches and are all way to the west.. One thing Moriches didn't have a shortage of this year was sea robins.. The spring through fall run of fish was horrible by any standard .


Joined: 01/01/2008
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Location: On the Edge
 11/18/2017 10:14 PM  

So that's where the sea robins went. Thought the sharks ate em all. Heard the rest went to N.J. Damn.

Gone fishin

Joined: 06/22/2014
Posts: 311
Location: Smithtown
 11/19/2017 07:37 AM  

That's what it looked like all over moriches this year. Catching 30-40 each time out kept me away most this season.

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Joined: 09/12/2006
Posts: 112
Location: W. Islip
 11/19/2017 09:44 AM  

Sea Robin

If nothing is biting they are a fish that fights well. As for tasting like blue fish...What?

Blue fish are gross unless immediately bled gutted and then smoked or grilled with honey.

Sea robins are an off white meat not grey. They eat well. Think all the good bait you loose to them. I haven't lost a bunker to a sea robin.

Fishing has been tough this season but we managed. Keep wetting that bait and tight lines.

"Man must know his limitations"

Joined: 07/04/2006
Posts: 298
 11/19/2017 10:39 AM  

first off bluefish are not gross, fried bluefish fillet with caramelized onions are top on my list, sea robins are delicious and are fun to catch with small jigs and light spinning tackle , I actually target them and they add to my fluke catch from my kayak , when you see them in the fish market then you will like them lol

Joined: 07/10/2007
Posts: 231
Location: Moriches
 11/19/2017 11:11 AM  

If this big run of sea robins continues next year and dominates the action looks like the boats getting sold and I'll get myself into a Kayak.... easier to fish areas that actually have fluke, porgies, bass ect. And a lot less maintenance and expense.


Joined: 07/04/2006
Posts: 298
 11/19/2017 12:13 PM  

going to try flyrod for searobins , actually we should start calling them sea perch ...... sounds better!

Joined: 09/27/2001
Posts: 24
 11/19/2017 04:51 PM  

Actually saw them at a supermarket fish counter this fall @ 4.99 a lb, whole!
They make great tacos BTW!

Joined: 09/12/2006
Posts: 298
 11/19/2017 06:30 PM  

Blues Sea

I have to agree with surfzone. I've been eating Bluefish for longer then I care to remember. I especially like the smaller 2-4 lb fish. But I will bleed, trim the dark meat and soak a 15-20 lb fish and enjoy the heck out of it. As for smoking a Bluefish. You just cant beat it. Wonderful! Shades

As for the Sea Robin. Well back in the day when fluke were in short supply and Great South Bay was full of HUGE Sea Robins. I wish I had known then what I know now. Sea Robin cut up into chunks and baked in the oven with lots of butter, parsley and lemon is delicious.Shades up


Joined: 03/01/2007
Posts: 28
 11/19/2017 11:10 PM  

I never said Blue fish was bad

And Sea Robin was worse,All I said was it tastes similar to bluefish ,it has white as well as a bit of oily dark meat.We used to smoke them shred it with horseradish and serve it on crackers.Most folks thought it was crab..I would just nod and say HMMM INTERESTING!!

Joined: 06/07/2013
Posts: 1
 11/20/2017 06:53 PM  

I will go along with surfzone and robinhood on the blue fish and the carmalized onions well that's hard to beat. ill target blues before stripers.

Joined: 04/15/2012
Posts: 56
 11/20/2017 09:31 PM  

Great thread

Some great info from some real knowledgeable fisherman.

Thanks for sharing.

Joined: 11/21/2017
Posts: 1
 11/21/2017 03:12 PM  

Really no fall run in Moriches ,gave it a shot today in the inlet and the bay nada

Joined: 07/04/2006
Posts: 298
 11/21/2017 04:56 PM  

was out on the beaches this morning southshore ocean beaches browned up and back bay was also coffee color gave it a shot for nada

Joined: 08/29/2007
Posts: 63
 11/21/2017 09:37 PM  

Caught like 30 sea robins on my 1st fly rod, a 5wt, with a deceiver right in J Bay.. Hot Aug day w hardly any tide. And clear water you could see them chase the fly. Strangely a lot of fun.
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