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Date posted November 4, 2017 11:40 AM
Posted by mojoe
Report location New York > New York Bight > <:(((>< FULLMOON FEVER )-: ON THE MOJOE TOGGING WITH 2ND MATE GEORGE SHORT AND SWEET ><(((:>
Fishing method Boat
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hi noreasters hope all is well,,, like george says with the 70* weather and the sun we had to give it a shot on the fullmoon ,, again we didnt get out where we wanted too because we listen to a few friends 1 says go (-:, 1 says dont go the chop )-: , 1 says you should have gone to your drop hahaha lol,, we didnt,, at every drop hardly any life and we did 6 drops today,, tog here and there,, our outing today only 12tog, all shorts very slow for george and i,,, so the day was short tog and sweet watermelon ,,,,, still to be on the water is great,,, we will do it soon again when we are off the fullmoon if the moon has anything to do with anything lol,,,,, all stay well,,~~~THE MOJOE ~~ ><(((:> ~~ ><((:>

short tog

sweet melon

sweet watermelon

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Joined: 10/03/2012
Posts: 35
 11/04/2017 02:09 PM  

Nice to see you’re still out there! Hopefully the colder weather will
Keep the poachers out and bring in some keepers. Tight lines!!!

Joined: 11/12/2003
Posts: 1609
Location: Staten Island, New York
 11/04/2017 02:34 PM  

Off the moon, yeah right, next time we stay and fish off the DOCK of the BAY !! Toungue Toungue Toungue Hey, I didn't see or get any of that watermelon on the boat !!! surprise surprise surprise


Joined: 05/07/2007
Posts: 365
 11/04/2017 03:32 PM  

Another great outing for MoeGeorge.

Joined: 10/01/2001
Posts: 16887
Location: ><)))):> ~~ THE JAMAICA BAY TRIANGLE ~~ <:))))><
 11/04/2017 03:42 PM  

george thats our creek and one of our drops Shades ,,,,,,><(((:>



This post edited by mojoe 03:48 PM 11/04/2017

Joined: 11/19/2010
Posts: 1047
Location: Sent via the ISS landline.
 11/04/2017 05:29 PM  

Joe, Went out last saturday with my younger son and his boys, fished middle ground light, no tog but 16 to 17" pork chops, yea they are still there, lots of small c bass. did not see any tog being boated.
Wind kicked up around 10:30 ish, everybody left, so did we.
Been real busy working, hoping to save enough money to buy a house in
Delray beach Fla.
I think weather wise , outside of wind ,were going to have mild weather till the middle of Dec.?
Anyways , glad your still out there.
Stay safe, keep posting,
Your friend,

This post edited by Roccus7 10:05 PM 11/04/2017
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