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Date posted October 29, 2017 6:53 PM
Posted by movetheboat
Report location New York > North Shore > Celtic Quest
Fishing method Boat
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It was hard to beat last year, but this year tied or beat it. CANY (aka "tickle") was after my main man Rocko but I protected him with my superpowers and Rocko was able to depart the boat under his own supervision...though wobbly.

JOE fooled us on the ribs but whipped it out (yikes) at the end of the trip and we all enjoyed his meat. Even though we had gorged like pigs all day, when the ribs came out it was like they hadn't eaten in a week

The A TEAM was on fire and the very quiet (unusual for an a-teamer) by the names of kyle and SNIPER took home the loot...he was very quiet and humble , reminded me of...well me!!

One notorious noreaster was seen rigging and tying for a moderator and sort of like...kissing his azz...despicable!!!!

Chris had us on life all day made the move when dictated and the two deckhands were on the ball....and Vinny even sings while he idea what...but hey...he does it!!!

Mark was missed as he is a great guy to have with us...but alas he no longer goes more than 1/2 nautical mile past the harbor from what I was told....any way lets all survive another year and do it again.....PEACE and LOVE...MTB

est..30 blacks...200 seabass?


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 10/30/2017 07:21 AM  

MTB must of been 1 he-ll of a trip,, looks and sounds like a blast,, eat drink and laugh with friends and catch a load of fish,, well done nor"easters,, all stay well,,,><(((:> ~~~ ><(((:>


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Joined: 02/14/2003
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 10/30/2017 08:07 AM  

Was a great tripupup

its a  tiger shark A WHAAT



Joined: 08/02/2006
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 10/30/2017 08:30 AM  

Well said young man up and stop grabbing fishes by their gills Toungue up

This post edited by rocko 08:32 AM 10/30/2017
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